Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Found objects pins and Journals

I've completed the journal for the shop where I teach decorated paper and journals, now it's back to jewellery making. I had a successful January with the two galleries selling four pins, two necklaces and three pairs of ear rings, I can't wait until I can just do art full time, although I probably achieve more now because I only have a restricted number of hours. The more time I have the more I seem to waste.
The fire which has been burning out of control in Victoria since December 2nd last year has finally been contained today, not out yet but contained. It has burnt over one million hectares of land. We are the most bush fire prone region in the world, a title we would love not to have.


belinda said...

wow, what a fabulous artist you are! thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. i really love your artwork and am glad your sales are going well. i love the journal in particular!! do you carve your own stamps as well? is the book paper or fabric? i'd get nothing done if i did it full-time. :)

Julia said...

O how I like this journal!! Your a great artist!!!