Sunday, 6 March 2016

Collage Journal

Here's a before and after shot of one of my collage journal pages. I love this process, nothing is planned, I just let the colour and shapes go where they take me.


and after, I love using acrylic paint pens for this process

I was very proud to be invited by Roxanne Evans Stout to be a part of her new book 
Storytelling with Collage
it's a beautiful book full of inspiration and techniques, it's available on Amazon

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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Bag Workshop

I've finally finished the bag sample that I'm creating for a workshop I'm teaching in Berry NSW in May. In the workshop we all paint on a piece of fabric, cut it up, then continue decorating it with paints, markers and stitching. Finally we turn it into a lined bag to carry art supplies, knitting or just as a fashion statement. If bright colours aren't your thing, you can use pastel or earth colours, whatever you feel comfortable with.

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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Summer rain

We've had quite a few thunderstorms in the past couple of days, fortunately they brought rain and not just lightening strikes in the dry landscapes. We received 50mm of rain on Thursday which has made the garden very lush again. Our veggie patch has gone crazy, I can almost watch the beans growing.

the beans I'm waiting to see Jack emerge

the herb garden and the rhubarb

I can't not show some art, this is another page in my collage journal
I'm teaching this workshop from my home in Melbourne and still have a couple of places left in my Tuesday classes, if you're interested in attending just send me an email I'll send you details.

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This is two in a week, I can't believe it.

Monday, 25 January 2016

Happy New Year

Happy belated New Year. This year seems even busier than last, I missed posting in December and have only just made it for January. I'm busy working out classes and have decided to run some half day workshops from home, they will run over three to four weeks. The first one starts in two weeks on a Thursday. I'm also holding them on Tuesdays too.

these two photos are of my Collage Journal that I will be teaching in two weeks.
if you would like to attend please email me for details, the class is filling up fast.

I'm also teaching my Fabric Journal workshop at a fabulous resort in Coffs Harbour in NSW in May this year, again you can email me for details.

we had some very much needed rain just after Christmas after very hot temperatures.
that's my studio to the right.

my husband built this fabulous hand rail for our deck, just in time for our family Christmas gathering, we almost feel up in the trees now,
the mosaic pipe is another of my works in progress.

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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Textiles this time

I'm jumping from one thing to another at the moment, jewellery over the past two weeks, textiles this week. I made a piece of felt for a project I need for next year, as well as an art quilt I'm stitching. I'm also painting fabric that I'm turning into a bag for a class next year.

the art quilt

my new piece of felt that I made

the fabric that I'm painting

Not hard to tell I'm obsessed with colour and circles.

Back to jewellery next week.

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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Back to making Jewellery

It's been quite awhile since I made any jewellery. My trip to Noosa and the bead shop inspired me to get going again. I've added some necklaces to my Etsy shop I've also added more decorated paper packs.

This one features lovely semi precious stone carnelian and ammonite beads, with a lovely quartz drop

A mix of beads including two glass ring beads from Ethiopia and one of my soldered broken china charms. SOLD

Drilled and eyeleted sea glass and aventurine beads are included in this one.

More sea glass and jade beads as well as a tiny carved jade bird SOLD

More paper kits, these have a variety of all original decorated papers.

We had the coldest winter this year in a long time, for us anyway. Now it looks as though we're in for one of our hottest summers. We're still in spring and the temperature today is 34 deg C. I love the sun but not the fires that often come with it. We are not looking forward to what's ahead.

I take my sketchbook with me wherever I go. This was a gorgeous cafe in Eummundi, in Queensland, where I taught recently. There was so much to sketch. I think quite a few of my friends would say the 'Bohemian' meanings fit me.

my sketch of the photo above

in the plane and one of our favourite cafes in Noosa.

My sketch book has images in the corners and numbers on the pages so one isn't confronted with blank pages.

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Friday, 18 September 2015

Where I've been

For the past two weekends I've been in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. Up in Noosa in Queensland. The first workshop was printing paper and fabric them making the prints into a journal. That was in Noosa, the second workshop was my fabric journal in Gympie. Lovely students and great creativity on both occasions. I had five days off in-between to laze in the sun and on the beach, as well of lots of shopping.

seed pod printing on the Gelli® plate

this time printing leaves

printed pages in the finished book

where we stayed, such beautiful gardens

Noosa by night, magical, most of the trees down the street have fairy lights

a piece I'm hand stitching to turn into a bag, it's a great project for when you have to fly

my favourite bead shop in the world

just a small selection of what they sell, needless to say I didn't come home empty handed

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I post more often showing my work on my Facebook Page, the link is in my sidebar

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