Saturday, 12 May 2007

Garden art

I haven't shown photos before of my garden art, it was such a lovely morning that I couldn't resist taking a few shots, the first is my shovel head named 'Gus the gardener', he's waiting for me to complete Lady Chatterly.

Next is a pedestal and pot near the front door that I mosaiced some time ago. The plant in the pot is a ponytail palm.

This is an old bike rim I found without any spokes. I used small aluminium tubing and wired some stones I'd made from left over grout and added a couple of mosaic balls, the mirrors in the balls catch the light and create lovely patterns and reflections.

I have a few of these poles scattered around the garden. They were treated pine, I painted them then added jam jar lids, bolts, bits of metal, packaging tape anything that I could nail to the poles. They're very weathered now with some of the paint starting to peel, but they still add colour. The style of the garden is tropical, rainforest with succulents added, mainly in pots. We have no grass in the front garden, it's all pathways and garden beds, very low maintenance.

These are mosaic stepping stones that I made, with one of many Buddhas sitting in the sun.

I regularly check out our dump bin at work to see what the guys have thrown out. I found these one day, they're the ends that were cut off the legs of a pole sign, they were already painted and made great pot holders for small succulents.

I'm always finding things people throw out and turning them into garden objects, this shows a couple of pieces of concrete that had been drilled out of a slab, I found an old sandstone tile that I put on top and then all the metal pieces came from an old bin at the back of a cooling tower factory. I still have more photos but I'll show them at another time, if I haven't bored you too much already.


Toni Curtis said...

What a beautiful garden!!! I absolutely love all of the wonderful art touches. You are indeed a wonderful artist.

Judy Wise said...

My favorites are the mosaics, love the idea of making stepping stones. Did you break old dishes to get the mosaics? And the pedistal and planter are beautiful too; what a pleasure it must be to saunter through your garden.

Emmy said...

I love the art in your garden and your garden to

Hi said...

I never get bored with you site. After seeing Misty site and then clicking to your link, I got started blogging too. I find that I am much more conscious of the creativity in my life.


Ro Bruhn said...

Thanks Hi
Good luck with your blogging

Sharon said...

I want more....thank you for the garden tour. Another of my passions but that I have neglected a bit. Mother's day wishes to you.

Megan Pickwell said...

Mammoth Effort Judy,
Happy Mothers Day and thankyou for sharing this amazing art work with us.

Abby Creek Art said...

You have the coolest stuff in your garden, Ro. I would love to be able to sit there and take it all in.

Happy Mother's Day to you! xo

debra said...

oooohhh, I LOVE your garden art!!! Garden art is one of my favorite things, though I have none. Ideas for it just don't seem to come to me. Your things are wonderful, though. I love the colorful poles...I would never have even thought of that! I'd love to see/hear more of your ideas ;-)

Karen Cole said...

Great garden, Ro. I feel guilty that I've bought things for mine. Now I have MORE things on my list of "what I want to make"!!!

Judy said...

A special garden deserves special artwork, so nice Ro.
Megan must be having "one of those" moments!!! LOL

Susan Tuttle said...

Your surroundings are breath-taking--what a peaceful haven you have. Thanks for sharing!


Marie said...

Great garden pics Ro. Very inspiring and creative.

ericat said...

The artwork is gorgeous - the garden background is soothing. So much green seems odd to me compared to our dry hot climate.
go on enjoying life.

Nicole said...

Ohhhhh wow a fab idea. ;) Great pieces, I wish I had a garden to work in.