Tuesday, 31 July 2007

7 things about me

I've been tagged for the third time, first by Deb, then Marie and now Nicole to state seven things about myself, so I'd better get on with it.
1 I was born in England and came to Australia when I was nine.
2 I love collecting art material and junk and get great satisfaction creating something from discarded materials.
3 I have a Dr Spok or pixie ear, much to my husband's amusement, he's a real Treky fan.
4 I have an affinity to the sea, I love to listen to the waves and feel the breezes on my face.
5 My three grandchildren call me RoRo, not grandma.
6 Colour is extremely important to me, it influences every aspect of my life.
7 I have a wonderful husband who supports and encourages me in all my art ventures, even if he refuses to enter my studio without a wearing a hard hat on occasions
I nominate anyone who wishes to be tagged.


Sharon said...

This is fun. I want to see your pixie ear. My grandmother always said I had stingy ears because mine are rather small. Thanks for sharing of yourself.

Judy Wise said...

Ro, your pages are so rich and jewel-like. I always want to see more of what's in that book. And I want to see your pixie ears too. Very cool!

Beate Knappe said...

You are tagged again -
I have nominated you for a Rockin' blogger girl award... pop by my blog to get the badge : -)))

LINDSAY said...

A pixie ear & a Treky! What a match made in heaven :)

Cre8Tiva said...

how fun to get to know you better...your work always inspires me to color my world...blessings, rebecca

Julie H said...

What beautiful pages - colour and so much texture - beautiful.

Nicole said...

Faaab pages again and great info about yourself. ;-)

Abby Creek Art said...

Hi RoRo...that is SO cute!

Your altered book pages are really stunning. I always love them.

Judy said...

Love those pages Ro, thanks for your comments today - much appreciated. I want to see you do a black and white page - hehehehe.

Pilar said...

Ro, it wouldn't surprise me if your ancestors were some magical sea people or fairies because your talents are just so awesome. You create the most amazing magic with your art!

Susan Tuttle said...

Hi Ro,
It was great to read 7 things about you!! I can't believe you are a grandma--you look so young and radiant!


Karen Cole said...

Love those square shapes and the red piece works wonderfully with the black lines.

So what do you and your husband do with those Spock ears, anyway???? :-D

Mary lin said...

Thanks for sharing.

I had to laugh because my husband is the same way. He calls my room - "your cave" and only stands at the door. I think he is afraid to enter.

My grandson calls me MeMa

As always I love visiting your blog.

Artsy-Reg said...

Thanks for visiting my blog recently and leaving the positive comment (og-arts.blogspot.com). Of course I had to check out your blog, and I love it! Your use of color is marvelous.

Gisele said...

You have been oficially nominated the "Queen of COlour"! LOL. I love the vibrancy of your pages Ro...one day if I can get back to Oz I will definately have to attend one of your classes & learn how to play with brighter colours :)