Saturday, 5 January 2008

Busy, busy

Happy New Year everyone. I hope you all have a happy, healthy, peaceful and art filled 2008.

This year has started out in the same busy fashion as usual. I've been replenishing my jewellery stocks for the two galleries where I sell my work. Above are a few things I have ready to send, I still have quite a few more to complete. The above pieces seem to have a vintage feel, when I start out I never plan a piece, I pick up an element and then go from there. I have four huge roll out drawers full of beads and found objects and lots of containers with gemstone beads. I let the objects direct me, it's amazing how I will have something sitting on my bench and it suddenly jumps out at me, even though I've over looked it on other occasions.

I was very happy to sell the necklace in my previous post on my Etsy store. Thank you for all the wonderful comments.

I still have another week off from work so I will be busy with more jewellery and working on my latest ABRR, this one will be sent on to the US. We start the overseas exchange of books this month, I'm really looking forward to seeing what you gals in the US have created, something wonderful by the looks of the sneak peaks on our blog.

We have been sweltering in Victoria with temperatures in the high 30's to low 40's, that's centigrade. In New South Wales and Queensland (the sunshine state), to our north, they are having floods, our daughter rang tonight, she can't get home due to the river near her flooding and blocking the roads. She's a ranger at a wildlife park on the Gold coast so she might have to spend the night with the animals.

Back to work for me now, it's nearly ten o'clock at night and it's still 35deg, very balmy.


Sharon said...

Hi Ro,
Just stopping in to say Happy New Year. I look forward to this new year and seeing all that yo do.
Thanks for sharing.

Robyn said...

Gorgeous jewellery, Ro. Very exciting to the eye. I for one am relieved to be back to normal, creating art as usual.

Judy Wise said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! BTW, I have a male friend with exquisite taste who found your site via mine and he said (he of the fussy, very good judgment) that he LOVES your jewelry. It is unusual, original, altogether charming. Just thought I'd pass that along.

sharon young said...

Hi Ro
Lovely creations, such gorgeous found objects, they remind me of a miniature Chatelaine.
Have a good New Year and I hope the weather settles down for you.

paru's_circle said...

stay cool, Ro.. love your kilt pins!!!they rock!

Eccentricities Studio said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving the nice comment on my work. :)

I do adore your jewelry! Very, very nice. I like the vintage look of the latest pieces you've created.

It is quite warm where you are! I'm sorry about the flooding preventing your daughter from making it home.

I'll stop in to see more of your work again ... have a wonderful day!


Karen Cole said...


It's no wonder you sold that piece....gorgeous. I loved the asymmetrical design.

Your new pieces are beautiful as well.

We are freezing here. Want to trade?

I am also very excited about our books traveling this month. I am very anxious to see what you ladies have done and what you will do.

Julie H said...

Stunning, all of them. You put everything together so beautifully.

Julie said...

Your jewellery is beautiful Ro. I particularly like the amethyst kilt pin.

Judy Scott said...

Happy New Year Ro I just wanted to let you know that I have awarded you with a You Make My Day Award. I love your blog and its always so inspiring. Love Judy xx


definately bad weather up here ro!!! soo much rain which is wonderful, where abouts is your daughter working???

Abby Creek Art said...

Just beautiful, Ro! Love that purple one!

Happy New Year in the land of the sweltering sun.:)

Stephanie said...

Adore the stories that seem to pop in my head as I look at your jewelry, the history of each little piece...

Hope you daughter doesn't run into too many wild friends!

Anonymous said...

Lovely jewelry Ro. A happy new year to you!


femminismo said...

Ro, Approx. how long are the "red earrings" with the hearts and chain and oriental motif on your etsy site? Are they very heavy?
femminismo (Jeanne)

Cre8Tiva said...

you have been busy...these are beautiful...blessings, rebecca

Jen Crossley said...

Wow Ro you have been a very busy girl.I love it all you amaze me
Happy New Year

lasourceauxbois said...

Happy New Year to you from the other side of the world!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Hi Ro, your art moves me to smiles! I wonder if you'd be interested in creating a 2x2 inch square for charity? More details coming soon but to start you can read the beginnings right on my blog. Happy 2008.... oh the possibilities! xo, Monica

rochambeau said...

Happy New Year Ro!
Your pieces look great!
Wishing you lots of happy surprise for the year to come!