Monday, 22 September 2008

What an Opening Night

This is my room at the gallery around about 4.00pm Friday night. It took most of the day and the previous night to set up. Patsy had another room very similar. It's a lovely gallery with a great atmosphere and lighting.

We invited lots of people but were amazed at the number who turned up on the night it was fabulous, thanks to all you lovely people, they were spilling out the door at one stage. The lovely actress Beverley Dunn from 'Shine', 'Underbelly', 'Flying Doctors' and many more shows, officially opened it for us. It was a great success and we've had quite a few sales which is also wonderful.

More of the wonderful people.

The images on the left are some of my pieces and the ones on the right are Patsy's. Patsy makes these wonderful chairs, some are painted others are appliqued. It was too difficult to show the paintings as they are under glass and the reflections played havoc with the photos.

I've taken this week off as I'm doing a week long workshop here in Melbourne with the amazing Keith Lo Bue. Today was the first class and he really stretches you, but you see things in a different light. I'll post images when the class is over.


Jason said...

Congrats on your opening night. I'll be having an open house with a friend of mine in November. I'm looking forward to it, as it's my first exhibition.

herhimnbryn said...


Marilyn Rock said...

Wonderful opening night - congrats!

sharon young said...

Congrats to all of you.It's a wonderful space and your work looks amazing!!

Kel said...

Congratulations, it looks wonderful!

Maria said...

Congratulations Ro!! What a gorgeous gallery & the displays look AMAZING! Oh, how I wish I could have been there amongst the crowds looking at those beautiful creations :) I'd love to see the paintings - LOVE that canvas with the tulips, Ro!
I'm so happy for your success! Hope you sell heaps & heaps :) Have a great workshop - can't wait to see the photos of that also,

Jo Wholohan said...

way to go Ro!!!!! jacky tells me it was fabulous :))

Cant wait to hear about the classes with keith


Dot said...

Hi Ro

A big congratulations on your opening night! It looks like you had a good turn out. Would love to have made it on the night but was very happy I was able to get to the exhibition on the Saturday.

It was lovely to meet Patsy (I was very drawn to her) and see your art and her art set up so beautifully. I am sure you will both sell more of your art during the exhibition.

And I am really looking forward to our get together with Patsy, Jacky and my friend Selda in October. Willbe in contact soon to firm details up.

Glad you are enjoying the Keith Lo Bue class. Am sure you will learn lots of wonderful new things.

Dot xx

rivergardenstudio said...

What a wonderful, beautiful show and opening night. My heart sings for you! Roxanne

Judy said...

yaah ro, glad it went so well - it looks awesome. have fun with keith, should be wonderful. tell him i said hi.

Elizabeth said...

What a fabulous event with such outstanding art!! No doubt that you are doing well with sales!! BRAVO!!
Have a great week with classes- how wonderful to be stretched and to play for a whole week!!
Thaks for sharing all of the lovely pictures!!

Ann Christine Dennison said...

Congratulations :-)
I am so happy for you, great that the turn out was so big. You deserve a huge success!

Anonymous said...

The lighting the room looks lovely, and you have a lot of pieces. Did you enjoy the opening night yourself, or was it nerve wracking?

Now, Keith is doing a week long workshop and I did not know about it?? Oh dear I am seriously not connected. I would have raced over immediately.

Sam Marshall said...

Congratulations. The photos are fantastic. XXXXXXXXX

Robyn said...

Wow, your opening night was hopping! Congratulations, Ro.

Chris said...

Oh, how exciting! It looks so great! I'm glad for you. And the Keith LoBue class... I'd love to hear more about that. I will be fortunate to be in a class he's teaching right in my town next month. I can't wait.

Have fun!

azirca said...

Your pieces look absolutely fabulous on display in the gallery Ro. Congrats on a successful exhibition!

Hope that you and Jen are having a blast in Keith's workshop, I can't wait to hear all about it.

Karen Cole said...

Congrats on a fabulous show, Ro. So wish I could have been there. Your set up looks wonderful.

Have fun with Keith. Is he wearing his kilt????

Waltraud said...

Congrats on your opening night. It looks wonderful,
have a nice weekend,

Cindy Dean said...

How wonderful for you!

Lost Aussie said...

Congrats on the gallery exhibition, sounds like it was a great success!

sallyt said...

Congrats on your successful show! I'm so happy you made lots of sales. Can't wait to see pictures from Keith's class. I know you are having lots of fun.

Jacky said...

Fantastic exhibition Ro (and Patsy). Wish I could have been there for the opening night, looks like the Gallery was buzzing!
Keith Lo Bue.... lucky you. I cant wait to see/hear what you've been up to.

dime store daze said...

Congrats on your successful opening,
your art looks wonderful.

Megan P said...

What a wonderful looking show and great evening by the sounds of it Ro - look forward to hearing how your week goes. Mxox

Steph said...

Congratulations, Ro !
The exhibition photos are beautiful!

Martha Marshall said...

Congratulations on what looks and sounds like a fabulous show! Great job!