Friday, 31 October 2008

One thing leads to another

Here in Australia, we are the only country in the world to have a public holiday for a horse race, the Melbourne cup, I'm not complaining, don't get me wrong. The race is on Tuesday and like many others I've taken the Monday off too, that gives me four wonderful days to do art.
My studio still hasn't recovered from my exhibition so I decided to have a bit of a clean up, well as is usually the case I got side tracked. I decided to remove the paper that was on the top of one of my benches, the paper where all the surplus paints, stamps etc ends up. Now it's common knowledge that I have a drawer fetish, I have quite a few unpainted sets from Ikea, so, I decided they needed a face lift, what should be sitting right in front of me, you guessed it, the paper from my bench top. Never one to waste anything, this now graces the fronts of my drawers. I was quite pleased with the results. I haven't got any further with cleaning my studio, but what the heck, tomorrows another day.

Just thought I'd mention too that I've added this brooch to my Etsy store. It has the word 'tranquil' and it's meaning from a very old dictionary, this is covered with mica. I'll be teaching this class at the Artistic Journey retreat next year in Sydney. I'll also be teaching one locally in the new year.

I'm also teaching my decorated paper and journal class from home on the 29th November. If anyone's interested please email me. I'll have more details on my blog over the weekend.


Anonymous said...


I'm so happy you visited my blog!You make such beautiful art work...the colours...I can't stop looking at it.
I'll put you on my blogrol so we can visit each other frequently!

Sharon Tomlinson said...

Oh man! covering those drawer fronts was genius. What'cha gonna put in them?

Maria Catalina Wiley said...

What a great idea Ro! Recycling! Looks fantastic & I also LOVE that brooch :D
Have fun with your 'clean-up'!

Megan P said...

Oh Ro, you lucky melbournites! Enjoy your 4 days of art. How wonderful. Love the drawers.

Anonymous said...

Hi there Ro, I have found you via Yvette - such a surprise - what you are making is vibrant and colourfull - very inspiring - haven't seen all yet but I'll do in the next hours

Jacky said...

The draws look fantastic... you are some "recycler" Ro !!!
I think I need to get a drawer fetish, find a home for lots of my treasures. My art room is going to be revamped before Christmas (I hope).

Beautiful brooch !!!

sharon young said...

Hi Ro
What a wonderful use for your lovely papers, your drawer sets now look amazing.
Lovely new brooch too.
Thanks for dropping in on my blog, I don't think the trick or treat thing was around when were kids either, but all of them seem to do it now!

jo horswill said...

Really 'cool' drawers!!! Love them.
Enjoy your precious 4 days in the studio...:)
I'm painting too, my kitchen, that is!!!

azirca said...

Those drawers look great Ro!
Your brooch is delightful too! I love looking at all of the trinkets that you add to your jewellery pieces. I can see why you need lots of little drawers to keep them all in!

Sam Marshall said...

Hi Ro,
Enjoy your time off!! Love your beautiful boxes- they look awesome. Wish I could take your class.

Sam Marshall said...

I meant drawers!! Love the gorgeous brroch, too-divine.

Jen Crossley said...

Oh Ro these Draws are just too die for and you know Im not a colour girl yoou have done an amazing job.Good luck with your classes

rivergardenstudio said...

Wow! Your drawers look amazing. Each one a piece of art. How fun to have four days off... We get four days off next week! Roxanne

Karen Cole said...

I see a new line of furniture showing up on your etsy :-).....seriously.

Like King Midas, you have the magic touch.

michelle ward said...

ooooh! love those drawers ro! i want it climb right in. very fab. wanna come paint mine? said...

Oh, I do love that brooch! So fun. I've got to see more of your books. I'm loving doing the altered books. Got to get back to your blog.~PJ

Jeanne Rhea said...

Just had to visit your blog and wow, I am enjoying it. These drawers are fantastic! Love the jewelry, too. I'll be back.

Elizabeth said...

These drawer fronts simply COULD NOT LOOK MORE FABULOUS!~! Wish that my paper table covers looked like those! Just Yummy!!