Sunday, 1 March 2009


I went again on Saturday to see Jo and her group of five very talented ladies' exhibition. They were demonstrating some of their techniques. It was wonderful to watch them work in totally different fields, producing some wonderful things in such different, limited surroundings to their usual studio spaces.

I was impressed with everything, but really had to have a go at print making. I started out using some of Jo's techniques, but not having the right inks, press or plates I adapted things I had to suit. I used acrylic paint mixed with a retarding agent and some very old paper that I've been using for experiments. I also used my stamps for added decoration, then sprayed with pigments and scribbled and added more colour with oil sticks. Below are some of the results.

This has to be my favourite piece, a painting done my my two and a half year old granddaughter for her RoRo. I love it.

Seth has a challenge happening on his blog called Disintegration Challenge, I decided to give it a go and see what happens. Mine are acrylic painted papers with eucalyptus leaves between the papers, all tied together with raffia. The idea is to leave them exposed to the elements then on May 1st check them out to see what has happened. We have another horrible day forecast for Tuesday, temperature of 36c and 150 kph winds, I hope they survive.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ro!

I love, love, love the fifth one down with the circles. So cool! Also, I have a question for you. What do you use to carve your own stamps? I woke up this morning with an idea for a stamp but no clue what to use! Thanks!


Chrisy said...

Your printing experiments are's good to know that results like this can be achieved just by using what's available..and ur granddaughter's painting..well...for a child of her age she shows remarkable talent...obviously genetic!

Jo Horswill said...

Wow...look at all this. Ro...I'm swooning here.
The beauty of printmaking, is that you can incorparate the other things you love to do, with it...just as you have done here. It's wonderful...I was so thrilled to see you yesterday.
And just look at your grand-daughters painting...hmmm some inherited talent I think!!! love Joxx

Joanne said...

My favourite is the third one down, really beautiful and inspiring. Oh and of course the special one for RoRo! Not sure about the papers left to the elements in the bushfire season, stay safe!

Sam Marshall said...

Hi Ro, Love these beautiful pieces. Love your little grand-daughter's painting, too.

Shayla said...

Those pages are wonderful. I especially love the first. It looks bold and exotic.

jgr said...

Hi Ro,
I love your printing pages! I tried to decide on a favorite and gave up, I like each one more than the last-and your granddaughter is quite talented too. I will continue my prayers for you and others near the fires.

Corrine said...

Fantastic printing papers. I love the cobweb looking one. I'm doing the disintegration project too. So much fun.
Stay safe over there

Seth said...

Glad you have joined the Disintegration Collaboration. I really like the look of your bundle. Great printed pages too!

Jacky said...

Ro these are wonderful. Looks like you were really inspired by these printing techniques.
I love your disinegration piece too and look forward to seeing it on May 1st.
Will have to finish mine and hang it too (or it will look no different by May 1 !!!).

Love the painting for RoRo...another little someone who loves colour by the look of things.

I was thinking of you last Monday, I was in Berwick and could see all the smoke from there. I am so pleased you were kept safe from the fires. Not looking forward to Tuesday... its been a long, hot summer and I look forward to not having to continually worry...I've never taken so much notice of which direction the wind is going, temperatures etc. as I have this summer.

Jacky xox

Jacky xox

Jen Crossley said...

Ro I love your printing you are amazing my friend
Your grand daughter takes after you an amazing artist
Take care Tommorow with the weather forecast

Kim said...
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Kim said...

Hi Ro, am watching the disintegration project with interest over a number of sites, can't wait to see the outcome of this! The printing experiments look great. Sure hope your summer will be over soon, it's been so horrible for you all this year.
Sorry had to remove the other post as I made a serious typo in it :)

Waltraud said...

Great results!

Kim said...

Ro, Im still reading you blog but havent commented for a while. I used to comment under Ness. Thats changed to Kim. Some one has probably already pointed out to you the change to your use of dark earthy colour. Not surprising considering whats going on. Thanks for sharing you art with me. I really look forward to seeing it progress.

Chris said...

Ro, I'm so glad you joined in the worldwide bundle! This looks pretty, and I can almost smell the eucalyptus. We used to live in a home surrounded by eucalyptus and it's like aromatherapy around the clock.

Your prints look great! no plates? I don't know what retarding agent is, but I would guess it keeps the acrylic from moving around? Yes, that's my vast two years of acrylic paints experience talking. Anyway, I love the big S one, and the first one the most.

My bundle's been through four storms, albeit So. Cal. storms, and it's still hanging in there. Best of luck to your disintegration!

azirca said...

aaaw your grand-daughter's painting is awesome. Perhaps she has a fantastic RoRo as her teacher?
I love your print work, especially 12 & 4 but they are all pretty darn groovy!

Gaby Bee said...

Your printing pages are all gorgeous, but I especially love the first one.
Love the printing for RoRo also:-)

Gaby xo

Miriam said...

the printing is wonderful! they are definitely 5 very talented ladies those very stuff girls.
I look forward to seeing what happens with the xperiments

Judy said...

Busy bee you are - so much to see always and delightful too. Love the disintegration thingy too.

Jill Zaheer said...

What beautiful prints- and yes, especially your granddaughter's.
Love your disintegration bundle as well. How ironic that in New York, traditionally we always wish for a calm, "weatherless" winter, and now with Seth's collaboration, we want to see as much of mother nature's personality as possible!
Thanks so much for visiting my blog and your comments. I am touched and very appreciative, especially coming from you. Love looking through your posts and seeing your beautiful work!

Karen Cole said...

Well, I can certainly see who your grandaughter takes after.....look at those colors!

I would love to see what you are going to do with your printmaking papers. A journal perhaps????

I also just FINALLY got the disintegration thing going. What fun.

Jeane said...

Hi Ro - wow, you made it work! these are really interesting! and such a fabulous necklace you made for Jo!

Mary lin Huskamp said...

WOW! These are looking Beautiful! Love the various techniques, patterns and colors.

rivergardenstudio said...

I love your beautiful disintegration piece... so lovely outside in your garden... have a great week! roxanne

Anne, Bulles dorées said...

yes !! it's a fantastic project !! I'm impatient to see what will hapen !

rachel whetzel said...

Just LOVE what you've done!! I've been so inspired, visiting all the collaborators on this project!! Hurry, May!!