Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Drawer fetish continues

I think I've mentioned my drawer fetish before, well it's still festering along nicely. We have a particular chain of hardware stores here in Oz and I can't go in there of late without coming home with another set of must have drawers for my studio. They see me coming and race around and stick them in the front of the aisles, waiting for me to fall over them. I think if I acquire any more they'll have to hang from the ceiling.

This cute little set were begging me to take them home, pre-packed and waiting. My husband asks, 'where are you going to put them', as we approach the check out, I tell him I know just the spot, wondering the same question all the way home, I walk into my studio and voila, flashing lights and sirens going saying here, here, here. As you can see they're full already.

These were purchased two weeks ago and have pull out drawers similar to the types in old style grocery stores. They're plastic but that has the advantage of them being light, as mine always end up full of something.

This must have set came with a bench top and shelves underneath. The perfect place for the drill station. Speaking of drills, I had another tooth removed last night and I'm 'not happy Jan'. I don't know what's worse, the bruising from all of the injections or the pain from the gaping hole. I don't know how really elderly people cope having teeth extracted when it takes them so much longer to heal. At least I have my art to take my mind off it and Reiki to speed up the healing.

This beautiful Klimt doll and soap arrived from Jacky for my birthday. I love her dolls, they are even more beautiful in the flesh. Jacky had wrapped it in tissue and had used this ribbon that matched perfectly, the fabric, that Judy had given me, in my DJ journal. Jacky also gave me some beautiful hand made soaps and Dot, one of my students at the weekend, gave me a beautifully perfumed candle that matches the soaps. I'm a very lucky lady.

These three pages are from my journal, they are still on going at this stage.


Belinda said...

Hi Ro How very much I would love to take a class with you, maybe one day I'll be able to travel the bass straight and join in the fun. You have a wonderful bunch of friends and your b'day gifts are wonderful. I am lucky enough to own a Jacky Klimt doll, aren't they beautiful. I am sorry about your dentist trip, hope the pain goes quick. Been hearing wonderful things about your hubby's cooking, lucky you. Belinda

Jacky said...

Ro your studio is amazing, I should have made sure to pop my head in on the weekend and check out the new drawers...mmmmm.... next time.
I have junk everywhere at the moment, I think I NEED a trip to Bunnings too.
So sweet to see your Klimt doll on your blog too, she will fit in with your colour scheme no problem.
Thanks again for a wonderful workshop. I always come away feeling very happy and confident after a class with you (and very full after all of that wonderful food...thanks to you and Steve).
I am glad you had a lovely birthday!!!

Jacky xox

Elizabeth said...

Love your organization!! My project on that front is STILL going on in fits and starts!! UGHHHH!!! Your studio looks wonderfully workable- and that IS the point!!! Love your Klimt Doll- jacky is so incredibly talented as is Dot - you have seen Dot' birds, I know!! Happy Birthday again and hope that your poor mouth recovers from intrusion very quickly!!!!

Heather said...

Love the doll and do hope your mouth is more comfortable by now. Your journal pages are already beautiful. I too am drawn to storage units even though I know I can't squeeze another thing into my workspace. It's just that thought, that if I buy just one more I'll be able to keep everything tidy! Oh Yeah?!!

Jeane said...

LOL! love your compulsion for drawers - we all have some sort of 'can't have enough' thingys - and it looks like all yours are in USE! so you must need them! - Happy Birthday and I loved your slideshow of your class - everyone looks so happy....

Dot said...

Hi Ro
Am sitting at work having my early morning cup of chocolate to warm up (it must have bene very cool in your part of the world last night).
It is lovely to drink my hot drink and visit your blog - a positive way to start the day.
Your studio is incredible. I think my jaw dropped to the floor when I saw it last Saturday. And you are very organised.
I think your drawer fetish is a very healthy one. And you are definitely keeping the economy going with your trips to the hardware store!
Am glad you liked the candle I gave you for your birthday. Hope it gives you lots of scented pleasure as it burns :)
And the Klimt doll from Jacky is stunning. Smiled at the ribbon she wrapped it with as I had given some of that to her from one of my recent shopping expeditions from (so it is well travelled). Something special about circles don't you think?
Sorry to hear you had a tooth out. Not a nice experience I know and quite stressful and painful. Hope you feel much better soon.
I agree with what Jacky wrote about your workshop ; and how she felt afterwards. You are a inspiring and encouraging teacher.
Look forward to seeing you again on May 16 at Jacky's!
Much love to the birthday girl.

Dot xx

Dot said...

P.S Your journal pages are stunning!

Terri Kahrs said...

Am sending healing vibes your way - nothing worse than tooth pain. Just had 2 implants done recently. NOT fun at all! You have my empathy and sympathy!!!:)

Understand your love for drawers. I have a similar fetish involving (believe it or not) bowls! Can't have enough of them! The smaller ones litter my work desktop and are filled with erasers, clips, rhinestones, buttons, corks, etc.!

Love your B'day gift! Lucky YOU! She's awesome and so are your journal pages. Happy belated Birthday, Ro! Hugs & B'day Blessings! xoxo

Candace said...

What a phantasmagorium your studio is! What a lovely Klimt doll (sigh, ah, Gustav!) and I do love your sharing these journal pages.
Take good care!
Candace x

Miriam said...

I too am infatuated with drawers/shelves/containers!
I love your journal pages :)

Robyn said...

I would love to go on an artist date to your studio Ro. All the little drawers and nooks and cranies to look into. Hope your poor mouth is feeling better.

katie jane said...

Well, Happy Birthday, lady! And aren't those storage drawers handy?
Your gifts are lovely and thoughtful. Beautiful journal pages.

femminismo said...

Love the ribbon. I think I'll try and reproduce some of those colors. Great studio and organization. You take first prize. And, yes, so sorry too about the dental work. The prices in pain we pay even in this advanced age for a healthy mouth! Ouch! Get better quickly - Jeanne

sharon young said...

I hope your gum is healing now, Ro, I do sympathise!!
Your studio is wonderful, how brilliant to have eveything stored in it's own place, no wonder your a drawer fanatic.
Lovely journal pages

Chris said...

I am so sorry about the tooth thing! That is one of the most horrible things, that dental surgery. So I hope you're feeling better every day.

These photos of your space are great. I like the little boxes. That's something I could use.

You deserve lots of goodies!

Anonymous said...

storage storage storage.. You should be in a magazine called "where REAL women work".

Great to see another of JAcky's amazing klimt dolls in the world too.

Maria said...

Hi Ro,
Just letting you know I'm celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of my artblog by doing a GIVEAWAY ...

8 small artworks to 8 different people ... if you or any of your friends are interested just leave a comment on my post dated 29th April on my website :)

Jen Crossley said...

Oh Ro how I drewel over your studio to see the drill press and all those draws,I wish I lived at your house,adopted me Ro I promise I wont eat much

girl_gone_thread_wild said...


eye sensory overload..