Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Stocking up my Etsy

It seems like ages since my last post. I've been busy making things for my Etsy store and last weekend's festival. The weather was terrible keeping many people away so sales were down. I had a wonderful day all the same and had some very enthusiastic ladies attend my demonstrations, they see junk in a whole new light.
We have been suffering from a terrible drought for around ten years, but it has definitely broken now with floods across most parts of Victoria. We live in the hills so we have been very lucky, our garden looks like a tropical paradise, everything is so lush and huge.

This is one of my felted brooches. It's so hard to get the right colour in the photos. The main colour is teal/turquoise with a purple around the edges. They look great on black too. They can also be used as pin cushions, if you pin them to the sleeve of your jumper when sewing.

This one is a purple mix with a magenta purple centre, the colours are reasonably close in this one.
They are both available on my Etsy store. I'll be adding more jewellery, journals and stamps in the next few days. It takes so long to photograph everything, especially as it's dark when I get home from work, so the lighting isn't good.

A couple of weeks ago I couldn't resist buying this gorgeous little treasure from Denise's etsy store, it has so much personality. Denise has quite a collection of them happening.

Mine's the one on the left.

and this is the back. They are such a great bargain and so cute.

Also did you know Nina's coming to Australia and New Zealand again. She will be teaching workshops in WA and in New Zealand, here's the link for details.


Jackie said...

I'm just doing the exact same thing an dtrying to think of new ways to promote.Its so time consuming and I should be making!
Good luck with your lovely brooches.

ArtPropelled said...

Vivid colours to brighten my rainy Tuesday.

Heather said...

I thought it was only me who had trouble getting the right colours on photographs. Love your Etsy goods and purchases. Our weather here in the UK was supposed to be dreadful today but in fact has been glorious - maybe tomorrow we'll be for it! Such a long drought must be awful to cope with and to have it followed by floods is very hard. We often moan about our weather but are really very fortunate.

Terri Kahrs said...

Well if projects like this is what's been keeping you busy and away from blogging, it was worth the wait, Ro! Every luscious color comes through the screen beautifully! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Elizabeth said...

Love your brooches Ro!! So SOrry about the flooding- everything seems to be so very extreme- either all or nothing!!! SO glad youa re above the high water mark!!! i do adore Denise's little stitched creatures!!! They do so speak of her wonderful indomitable spirit!!! I am restocking my Etsy Store as well- such a chore but must be done!!!
I just may have to follow NINA to NZ and Oz as she does not have anything ever ont he east coast of the states!!! SIGH!!!

Jan said...

Your brooches are so pretty! Good luck with your sales. Oh, and I love your new purchase too, very adorable. Glad your water table is improving but that you were not flooded.

sue said...

As always such lovely colours Ro. I loved Denises' critters too. What is it with the rain huh - seems to be feast or famine!

Corrine said...

Beautiful brooches Ro.
Thanks for the mention of the retreat, it is a great opportunity for us down under artists.
I've seen some footage of the floods on TV. I almost missed hearing about them because of the Christchurch earthquake. That has tended to dominate the news over here.

Anonymous said...

woo hoo!
I was only thinking of Nina last night.

Glad tears is behaving.. I am deep in studio mode making more.

Jen xo said...

i love your brooches, i l0ve those litlle stitched creatures too..jenxo

Emma said...

Love these brooches, I really should get me one of these Etsy shops one day!

So awful about your floods, & all the other natural disasters, what can we do?

xxx said...

I like your colours and I also like what you have bought from Denise.... clever and cute.

Enjoy your garden.

best wishes

Dot said...

Your brooches are gorgeous Ro! An your critter you bought from Denise is quirky and fun.
Dot xx