Thursday, 29 March 2012


Fabric has played a large part in my life over the past week. Elizabeth and I went on a shopping spree, looking for fabrics and art materials. What a lovely time we had, apart from the rain. We started at ZiguZagu's new location in Malvern. They have the most divine fabrics from Japan, new and old. It was very difficult to drag ourselves away from the shop.

Some old

and some new fabrics and threads

From there we headed to Brunswick Street, an artist's haven. We did buy art materials, not just fabric. Neil Wallace and Melbourne Etching Supplies relieved us of some more cash, papers, sketch books etc.
We then discovered another fabulous shop 'Precious Pearl'  for fleece, wool and fabric. I bought some lovely sari silk fabric remnants and gorgeous fleece.

beautiful silk fabrics

silk fabrics and fleece

As if all this shopping wasn't enough I then went to Sassafras in the hills, near where I live, the next day and bought these beautiful tea tins. Mine won't ever see tea though, they're going to be the centres of some more of my yo-yos.

tea tins

I've also been putting together button and fabric kits for the Journal workshop I'm teaching here

I've been dyeing doilies


and buttons and beads. I'm amazed how bright the buttons turned out, they were all white to start with.

and these are fabric pages for my latest journal, this one's an order

Thanks for visiting and for all your lovely comments in my previous post, now off to do more pages.


deb said...

what a riot for the senses - very envious of your shopping spree

Jenxo said...

absolutely drooling over my keyboard:)

Becca said...

Such beauty and color here!

sue said...

I have only been to ZiguZagu once - it was HEAVEN! And I ahve only done online shopping with MES - what a treat to go there in person! You are so industrious Ro - so many lovely things on the go - love how bright the buttons turned out. There is an awful lot of white buttons in the world isn't there?

NuminosityBeads said...

Sounds like a great artist's date field trip. Nice haul! I can only imagine what those goodies will turn into when you apply your creativity to them.
xoxo Kim

Heather said...

I think you have surpassed yourself with your latest journal - it is stunning.
The entire post is - to borrow Deb's words - a riot for the senses and your dyed fabrics and buttons, etc., are the icing on the cake. What a great time your students will have at the next journal workshop. I am green with envy.

Marie Costa said...

So much beautiful eye candy!

Julie said...

You get such gorgeous colours from your dyeing and the buttons are wonderful.

Lorraine@creativedaily said...

A lovely array of colourful packages! Bet your students will be delighted. What type of dye do you use to dye your beautiful dyes?

Lynn said...

I love coming here for color, creativity and inspiration. And I leave full to the brim! Thanks!

Purly Wendy said...

It was so good to have you and Elizabeth visit "Precious Purl" last week Ro. Two great Artists and 2 of my favourite Bloggers in my shop at the same time!Wow!
The photos of your lovely silk Sari pieces and fleece buys are gorgeous along with all that other "eye candy" I so wish I could find the time to do that Journal workshop.

Bonnie said...

The green I have turned right now would be impossible to achieve with all looks sensational! What a shopping spree. Thou shalt not envy? Thou can't help it....

Judy said...

Hi! Ro,

A shopping trip for fabric and art supplies in Melbourne, to die for, you lucky girls, love new journal pages.

Jacky said...

Oooh....ziguzagu, precious pearl...what a wonderful day out you and Elizabeth had!
Love all of the dyeing packs and gorgeous journal pages. You're very industrious Ro!
I *need* to go Neil Wallace Art Supplies his papers. Lee and I are off to Seniors Art Supplies tomorrow as its the last day of there 25% off sale.

Lots of eye candy, loved this post.

Jacky xox

ArtPropelled said...

Nothing like a successful shopping spree to put one in a good mood! Lovely images as usual, Ro.

Elizabeth Armstrong said...

Lovely post!
We did have a splendid day -you forgot to mention the pouring rain, the vegetarian lunch and the super coffee!!

Happy creating!

Rosie said...

What a feast for the eyes those fabrics are, I have got shopping envy for sure! I'd love to do one of your fabric journals - how about teaching in the UK pretty please??

Lisa Walton said...

Ooooh - I am in melbourne in a week and staying in Brunswick so I will definitely check out some of those yummy shops.

Fenland Textile Studio said...

I love your journal pages and hand dyed buttons and laces. If you do make it to Spalding I have a waiting list of ladies who would love to do a journal workshop with you in the studio. Happy Easter.
Angela x

Elizabeth said...

Amazing!!! What more it there to say- EXCEPT I dream of being in your classes!!! Lucky students!!!
Hugs!! And thanks for the tissue paper tip for the last print off a gel plate- BRILLIANT!!!!!