Monday, 28 May 2012

The Exhibition's Open

What a fabulous day we had yesterday despite the wet and gloomy weather. The opening to our exhibition was fabulous. Lots of people, great food and a perfect setting. Cathy, the gallery owner, did us proud. After we set up and left on Friday night, a big thank you to Paul, Jacky's husband, who very patiently hung all of the paintings for us, Cathy did her magic, adding touches here and there to make the whole display meld together beautifully. The atmosphere in the gallery was full of energy, lots of natural light and for a very cold day, to us Aussies anyway, toasty warm from the heating. The exhibition is on for the whole of June which is wonderful. I was thrilled to see two red dots on two of my paintings even before the exhibition was officially open.

The 4G, Jacky, me, Dot, and Patsy

The delightful actress Beverley Dunn officially opening the exhibition.

What a thrill to see two red dots on my paintings.

My paintings, the framed ones are my pastel paintings.

Some of my jewellery, Patsy's fabulous painted tiles, in frames, in the window and Dot's stunning cushions and stitched birds.

Patsy's gorgeous work on the far wall, Jacky's amazing lino prints on the right wall and some more of my jewellery on the glass table.

A view down the gallery.

Dot's amazing framed textiles on the right wall.

Dot in front of her delightful treasures.

Jacky with her gorgeous printed birds

and Patsy with her fabulous textiles and tiles. Patsy also has some wonderful bags and repurposed coats in the exhibition.

The outside of the gallery. They have magnificent gardens but it was too wet to go for a wander.

If you're visiting Warragul in the next month and would like to drop by, the exhibition is at the Lillico Glass Studio Gallery, Lillico Road Warragul.

A special thank you to Cathy, the Gallery owner and her lovely sister. Paul, Jacky's husband for helping us put it all together. Beverley Dunn for opening it for us. Leah for helping out on the Friday and for very generously providing us with a beautiful lunch, the rest of us didn't think about food. Jen for her delicious afternoon tea and Lee for waitressing. Des, Patsy's husband, for being the bar man, my DH for taking all of the photos and a huge thank you to all of the lovely people who ventured out on such a miserable day to make it such a success.
A special big thank you to Patsy, Jacky and Dot, three amazing, inspiring artists.


Fuzzie Fingers said...

The exhibition looks great.It's a pity it's so far for me to visit.It would be great to see all the lovely art work close up.

suziqu's thread works said...

Congratulations on a wonderfully successful opening. Everything looks so beautifully colourful. I only wish I could see a few more close ups.
Loved the photo of you in your studio too.
Wishing you heaps of luck with sales - looking positive already!

Heather said...

Congratulations on selling two of your paintings already. I'm not surprised, they are so full of vibrancy and colour - very energising yet somehow serene at the same time.
The gallery looks wonderful and the whole exhibition seems to offer something for everyone. If only I wasn't half the world away!

Jo Murray said...

Congratulations on your early sales. There should be heaps of red dots by the time this show closes, it looks beautiful.

Amanda said...

Looks like a great exhibition. Best of luck with finding more red dots!! I know there would be a few more if I were browsing.

Lynda Howells said...

Lovely and interesting looking exhibition and congrats on those red dots...hope there are many more.xxlynda

sue said...

Oh it all looks so wonderful Ro - I do wish I could get there and see it all in person! No surprises that your work is such a hot ticket item - so joyful. Now that it is all up and the exhibition underway will you have a few moments to sit back and relax?

Rosie Kearton said...

A beautiful space - so wish I was coming to OZ again so I could visit but hey ho not for a while - hopefully one day! congratulations Ro

ArtPropelled said...

Looking so good!! Congratulations Ro!

Dot said...

Hi Ro
What a wonderful post! You captured the essence of the day so well. The joy we all felt on the opening shines from the photo's. Such a special, special experience to share with dear art friends. Well done on your sales too.
Lots of love
Dot xx

Jacky said...

What a great post Ro, you really have captured the essence of the day with these gorgeous photos .... it was such a wonderful day! Certainly was a lot of energy in the gallery.

Jacky xox

verdigrisrose said...

Hi Ro, Congrats!!! on another successful exhibit.
So happy for you all,
Kind thoughts, and best wishes,

Judy said...

Hi Ro,

Congratulations and Thanks for all the lovely photos of exhibition, it looks beautiful, hope you are all super successful.

Vivienne Louise said...

Looks great Ro. Wish I could come and have a look through. Congratulations on the sales.

Laura said...

Awesome exhibit of all of your works and a looks to be a wonderful gallery

robin dudley-howes said...

Wow Ro looks like a beautiful venue. Congrats! Thanks for buying my tutorial. Have fun with it!