Monday, 11 February 2013

Daily journal

I started a daily journal last year with very good intentions of working in it everyday. That idea worked for about two months, then it became every couple of days, now it's down to once a week. I'm really endeavouring to work more in the journal as it frees me up from the structured work that I do. Following are a few of the pages from the past few months.

this page uses Pitt pens, black and white marker pens and water colour background.

I painted and decorated a piece of deli/tissue paper and glued it to the pages. I cut out some flower heads that I had painted onto white paper. The leaves and stems were created by painting over part of the background, like a mask, then outlining them with white pen and made veins with black pen.

this page used a piece of patterned paper from a magazine that I then altered with paint and white marker. I copied and created simple forms from the patterned paper on the opposite page.

this page was created using acrylic paint, ink, markers and oil pastels.

Thanks so much again to you all for visiting and your comments.
Thanks so much too for those of you who have signed up to the on-line workshop 21 Secrets, it's still open, so click on the link above if you would like more info or care to join us.


Karin Otto-Burfict said...

As usual beautiful... I just love your art!

Heather said...

I love these pages and thankyou for telling us how you made them. Those fine white pens are super aren't they?
I always mean to start a journal but know it would become a 'now and then' journal!

Jan said...

Thanks for sharing your work and your process. I thought registration was closed for the 21 secrets the last time I checked. I guess I will check again. Thanks.

Jan said...

I see registration is open until Oct. 2013, I must have mistaken it when I was there earlier and thought it closed Oct. 2012. Yay, I can still get in!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Ro,
so missed popping in here.. too busy of late I'm sorry to say!
Loved no 3 pages... LOVELY... a must pin!

ArtPropelled said...

Lovely to browse through your journal. The second image is simply delicious!

Seth said...

These pages are so beautiful Ro. Love the deep. rich colors.

Brenda Hartman said...

Thank you so much for sharing your journal pages. They provide incredible inspiration to this new 50-something artist!