Monday, 17 February 2014

Another Baby another Wall

My daughter gave birth to another son in December last year and with the arrival of a new grandson a new mural was required. The baby will now have the Nimo room and his big brother will move into a new room. His request was for Minions and Smurfs so I started last week, with his help and that of his big sister. It has been so hot it had to be put on hold but I will hopefully work on it and get it finished next week.

the Nimo wall

working on the new bedroom wall with my two little assistants

one of my journal pages

and another

thanks to everyone who purchased my paper kits, I've now added some more to my Etsy
Thank you for visiting and commenting, I really do appreciate your support.


Heather said...

Your grandchildren are so lucky to have such a talented Granny - the mural is such fun. More gorgeous journal pages - I never get tired of seeing them. Hope it is a little cooler for you and no threat of fires.

Vicki Miller said...

What an amazing gift for a new baby! I love your journal pages. The collage really sets off the sketches.

sue garrard said...

What. Amoy it must be to share this special time with your grandies! Bet they are pleased as punch to be hanging with such a cool and talented Nanna!

Elizabeth said...

The new Nemo wall is fantastic!! What an amazing Gran you are!!!!I was thinking of you today as I rinsed out my Snow Dyed fabrics. You would love this and you can do the same thing with ice cubes!! the fabric turns out vibrant and with beautiful movement and patterns ! I can just see it in some of your wonderful journals!! So do i have you curious!! Got to Dharma and look for their Ice Dyeing tutorial!!