Monday, 9 June 2014

More pages

I've been so busy creating more journal pages and looking after my grandchildren. Their Mum will finish her course tomorrow and will then be able to say she's a certified Dietician. I sometimes feel that I'm certifiable after looking after them and trying to meet my deadlines, but they add so much joy to my life, and are all showing strong tendencies towards art (not that I'm trying to force them in any way). Just a few more photos of the journal.

a felt embellished tree

I like adding worry dolls, pieces of knitted fabric and jersey shirt buttonhole bands to my pages

watercolour daffodils and collage papers

more watercolour flowers

ribbon that has been stitched then burnt through the layers

fabrics, labels and papers were all stitched to these pages.

Thanks again so much for dropping by and your lovely comments.
I really will try to post more often and show other things than my journal pages.


Kristina said...

Beautiful work!

dorothypandorasbox said...

Love your pages... so much variety. Thanks for sharing Ro

Heather said...

Your journal pages are always a delight to the eye - so exuberant and colourful. Your grandchildren must love being with you, though it must be tough keeping them happy and trying to work as well. So gratifying for you to see they have an interest in art.

Linda said...

Such delightful pages Ro, but you had me with that first one.....just wow!!!

Jo Murray said...

Luscious pages!

Clare Wassermann said...

Vibrant as ever!! Lovely use of the knitted fabric - what a lovely idea! By the way I'm wearing your earings (if you know what I mean!)

Janice / Dancing with Sunflowers said...

Absolutely gorgeous. I especially love the red page.

Jan said...

Lovely work. I learn from you just by studying your pages, thanks for your generous sharing.

sweetypie said...

hiya ro. beautiful pages as usual.
I look after my little grandkids too and sometimes it stops me sewing, but they are growing so fast, and I don't want to miss a minute, il sew more later, when they are older

Nancy Lee & Bill said...

Are you quilting your pages before you add the fabrics and knitting?

Your work is glorious! I adore your use of colors! You are very talented!