Sunday, 6 March 2016

Collage Journal

Here's a before and after shot of one of my collage journal pages. I love this process, nothing is planned, I just let the colour and shapes go where they take me.


and after, I love using acrylic paint pens for this process

I was very proud to be invited by Roxanne Evans Stout to be a part of her new book 
Storytelling with Collage
it's a beautiful book full of inspiration and techniques, it's available on Amazon

Thanks for dropping by, back soon.


Sue Marrazzo said...

so so COOL!!!! I love your post!

Heather said...

I love your collage pages and can't wait for my copy of Roxanne's book to reach me. I keep seeing tempting glimpses of various pages from it on Facebook and am getting very impatient!

Art4me said...

Your work is fabulous Ro, and Roxanne's new book is amazing! I am on my 2nd reading now .... First time through was gawking at pictures!

Annette Maloney

Win Dinn said...

How wonderful, Ro, and congrats on become famous. Love it!

florenel said...

Your collage-pages are very attractive.
I like to try a page in my art journal, but don't know which colour paint pens I need.
Please can you help me?

Ro Bruhn said...

I use Uni Posca pens, there are also more expensive ones by Liquitex, Montano and Molotow. I hope this helps Florenel