Monday, 1 August 2016

An Aussie at last

I've just returned from a wonderful time teaching two great groups of students, at the Embroidery Conference in Auckland NZ. I meet some lovely people over there, the venue was really good with lovely food. The tutors were so well catered for thanks to Catherine, Harry, Jill, Diane and the committee. I would definitely recommend anything they organise.

I came to Australia from the UK when I was nine and have lived here ever since, it's taken me awhile but I finally became an Australian Citizen over the weekend. My children were very pleased, they've been hounding me for years. I still have a British passport, so I'm now a dual citizen. It's very hard to totally give up your birth right, but I love Australia, it has and always will be my home.

one of the classes where I taught fabric journal making, the photos from the second class didn't turn out, so sorry ladies.

Auckland new above and old below

the view over the bay from the photo above, the green expanse is an extinct volcano 

Catherine and Jill took three of us to this amazing warehouse named the Asian Gallery in Auckland. What a fabulous place for treasures, these are some of mine I bought, now I have to get busy.

after my citizenship ceremony we toured the wine region of the Yarra Valley, near where we live, what lovely scenery and sunshine for a cold winters day.

this very unusual house on top of the the hill looks as if it should have been on Grand Designs.

My next trip is to Berry in NSW, at the end of the month, to teach jewellery making and a collage workshop. I'm busy getting ready for that next.

Thanks for dropping by, catch up soon


Penny said...

Welcome Aussie! ! Sounds like a great trip.

Heather said...

Congratulations on your Australian citizenship. Oz has made an honest woman out of you!! Love the look of your workshop - lucky ladies. Parts of NZ look so English although geologically they are very different. Enjoy your next teaching trip.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Beautiful photos. Congratulations!

Win Dinn said...

Congrats on your 'down under' citizenship - you're obviously in the right place!