Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Digital Art

I've been playing around with Photoshop, I use it every day in my work as a graphic designer but don't get time to play very often. I scanned in one of my face drawings and one of my painted backgrounds. I then did some graphics in Illustrator, added text in Photoshop and this is the end result.


OMEGA said...

Ro, such lovely color and light in this. Have you tried Art Rage 2? I've been playing with that lately. Do you find your graphic work, contributes to your ART work?

Ro Bruhn said...

Hi Omega
Thanks for visiting my site and your comments.
No I haven't tried Art Rage but since your comment I've now downloaded it and will give it a try.
Yes my graphic and art work go hand in hand, they bounce off each other and I often find what I'm doing in my graphics reflected in my altered books or paintings
Thanks again