Wednesday, 27 December 2006

Nature's artwork

Life is back to relative normality now the Christmas rush is over. On Christmas day my eighteen month old grand daughter started out dressed as a fairy princess but by lunch time my four year old grandson had traded her his tip truck and was now wearing the fairy costume, the most handsome fairy imagineable. By the end of the day he tired of the wand waving and retrieved his truck - oh for the innocence and simplicity of childhood.

Today we went to the beach and I took some interesting photos of sea weed, the colours were brilliant, the web images don't do the colours justice. After I had downloaded them into my computer I noticed this blue 'eye' shape on the image of the black weed, when I zoomed up on it I saw it was my reflection in a bubble on the weed, nature at work again.

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fontainefleurie said...

I like these photo's - such a good inspiration for your work xD