Wednesday, 10 January 2007


I'm participating in a charm swap at art-e-zine cafe. The back of the charms are my hand painted and stamped paper and on the fronts I've hand painted faces. I still have to add eyelets and seal them. I also have to wire them and add rings. I wasn't going to use any found objects originally but I'm sure I'll find something to add along the way. I'll post some finished ones ASAP.

I was thrilled last night to receive an email from Gillian Allen from Art-e-zine, she has very kindly created a page for me, re my found objects jewellery, on her site under newstuff for 2007. She has a fantastic site full of information and inspiration, I visit there often, it's a must visit. Gillian is so generous with her time putting together all this fabulous information and she does fantastic work herself. Well worth a visit over and over again.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE your blog and your work!!! saw the post from Gillian and of course had to come look as I too love beads and art and knitting and well everything I guess!!!!Gillian is such a dear and I too have a couple of pages she has done for me and she is so generous!!! I would love to add you to my blog if you don't mind!! let me know here is mine!!
thanks! hugs Linda