Monday, 22 January 2007

Three more cards

I've completed three more trading cards. The top one has my hand painted paper as a background, then I added a painted tag, with corrugated cardboard, handmade paper and a small piece of some fabric I'd painted sometime ago and topped it off with some electrical resistors.
The second one was a terrific image I found of US mail boxes in a very old National Geographic, one of the doors was open so I added an Aussie stamp with a possum on it, then added text and a tag.
The third one is made up of the inside of envelopes made into a patchwork with postage stamps added. The heart and other stamps were carved from erasers.


Marie said...

Great job on the Trading Cards. Looks like you are having fun with this great little canvas.
art cheer

primdollie said...

these are amazing!!! I esp love love love the 1st one!!!! the texture and all is wonderful and the 2nd one is great with the do open and all and the 3rd is fab with the colorful stamps and all!! very nicely done!!! Hugs Linda

Dawn Sellers said...

These are wonderful - and for a first attempt . . . amazing!

Ev said...

Ro caught your link from a sig line. I am doing the same class as you in Perth, I am really looking forward to being in such creative company, your work is just divine

Ro Bruhn said...

Hi Everyone
Thanks for your kind comments.
Ev, I look forward to meeting you in Perth. It won't be long now.