Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Necklace and Photoshop art

I haven't been well for the past two days. I had a massive dose of food poisoning, I felt like I was going to die on Monday night.
Thankfully I'm over the worst now, I still feel weak but hope to be able to go back to work tomorrow.
The necklace above is one I completed over the weekend.

The paper above is a piece I decorated a couple of weeks ago.

This is one of the beautiful tiger cubs I saw at the weekend, he's about nine months old. He was busy watching a very large goldfish in the water.

I scanned the paper into Photoshop, changed the colour with hue and saturation, then added some background with brushes, some from this site. I then added the tiger and faded out the background, it took all of a half hour, the wonders of Photoshop.


Jen Crossley said...

RO I hope you are feeling better there is nothing worse than food poisoning.
I LOVE your necklace it amazing.
I love how you put the tiger on to your background it looks awesome!!!

Judy Wise said...

Oh my - you've been ill and yet you find time to share new beautimous creations with us. Thank you for the inspiration and get even better. xoxo

stephanie said...

Sorry you were ill, nothing worse than food poisoning!

The photo shop images are lovely and will have to play with the links....

Waltraud said...

Hope you feel better now!
And - wonderful results!

MargaretR said...

I hope you will feel stronger every day Ro. Lovely necklace and the tiger cub on your lovely background is wonderful.

Susan Tuttle said...

Hi Ro,
How horrible that you had food poisoning--I hope you are feeling much better!

Wonderful digi piece--the colors are so vibrant!


Mary Ann said...

Ro - I want to kiss that tiger cub!
That necklace is truly beautiful. Wow!!!!!! So sorry to hear about the food poisoning. What a terrible experience! Hope you're batting 1000 again soon!

Abby Creek Art said...

Ro, so sorry you haven't been feeling well. Food poisoning really sucks!

Your new photoshop piece with the tiger is so cool. The "India" background works so perfectly here.

Get better!xoxo

Regina (artsy_reg) said...

Such wonderful, beautiful work. Feel better soon!

Elaine Kerr said...

: )

LINDSAY said...

Love the tiger standing in the color explosion!

Judy said...

oh Ro, sounds aweful - glad to hear you are better though.
The muted tones of the page you did are so nice.

Julie H said...

What a wonderful necklace - you know I enlarged it to see all the glorious detail. And the tiger cub is adorable!
So sorry about the food poisoning - an experience half a life time ago still hangs in my mind - be kind to yourself for a few more days.

Holly Stinnett said...

Hi RO! I hope you're feeling better now... ooooh.. how awful. I've only had it once (really bad) and never want to relive it again.

Sending warm wishes for a speedy recovery!

Loved the gorgeous photo you took of the BIG cat and the photoshop work you've done. I would love to learn that program one day. You inspire me!

Take care,


alice k. said...

Your Photoshop creation is lovely, it's hard to believe it took only half an hour. Thanks for the link, too!

Steph said...

Beautiful necklace and my favorite color combo ! And the photoshop art is gorgeous ! This tiger is a real cutie !

Ursula Clamer said...

I hope you are feeling much better now. I like how you have combined your images in photoshop, the cub looks great on that background. Ux

Mary said...

Ooo that is a gorgous necklace, not seen anything so unique in a long time. Love your work, you truly have a great commmand of colour, something i'm still in the process of learing!