Sunday, 10 February 2008

Creative weekend

This post is a bit of a jumble. I've had a busy weekend making jewellery and decorating paper, as well as baby sitting one of my delightful grand daughters. The weekend goes way too fast, it's almost over here in Oz.

The necklace above has gone to Touchstone gallery in Olinda today. It has a vintage look to it. I love the colour and apparently it's very popular at present. I'm making a similar one to add to my Etsy site later in the week.

The decorated papers are for a journal I'm making to sell on my Etsy site. It will have all decorated pages and some of my artwork scattered through out. There will be no blank white paper in this one, it will be all ready to go to add images, words, artwork, whatever. I hope to have that finished by next weekend.

This is a page in my journal that I worked on, driving to and from work, while sitting in traffic, waiting for the lights to change. It's amazing how much you can do just doodling and there's no road rage, I arrive at my destination much calmer and relaxed,
quite often covered in marker ink, but hey who cares, that's art.

Finally, when I was rummaging around in one of my drawers of trims, I noticed all of these colour combinations and textures and took shots, I love the eclectic mix.


azirca said...

What a fantastic way to pass the time while waiting in traffic and such a gorgeous drawing too. We don't have much traffic congestion where I live so I wouldn't have the time to sketch but if I did I can certainly see how this would ease the road rage.
Lovely decorated papers and necklace too, the colours are divine!

Judy Wise said...

Amazing that you accomplish so much in a weekend. I love the necklace and papers - I want to touch everything!! Beautiful work as always.

Linda O'Neill said...

Pretty amazing doodle, Ro. And your necklace is just spectacular!

Judy said...

OMG- you did that in the traffic - amazing.
Cant wait to see the journal.
it will be stunning. I know.

kelsey said...

Love the colours in the necklace Ro, yes that colour is very popular...but then so it should be, it's very calming!

How clever of you to doodle while sitting in traffic! Do you ever want to pull over just to "finish this bit"??? lol

The journal is going to be well treasured I'm sure wherever it ends up! Gorgeous.

Susan Tuttle said...

Hi Ro,
The necklace is fabulous - I just adore the design!

What beautiful decorated papers you created!

How wonderful that you got to meet up with Judy!


mcdc3s said...

wow... huge accomplishments.
I love looks at all these bits and bobs.
Your jewerly is beautiful... absolutely lovely. What a great talent. I wish I could make jewerly like that.

Joanne said...

I love your new necklace Ro, blue is my favourite colour.

sharon young said...

Great new necklace , Ro, I love all those wonderful little pieces you mange to find, you must spend your life in antique markets to find so many gorgeous things, amazing!!!
Your papers are terrific too, all that talent in one pair of hands, it's just not fair, LOL


Wonderful results!

Megan P said...

Can't believe you managed to produce that amidst the traffic. Great post Ro.

Anonymous said...

I can see why the necklace is so popular already - it is just amazing, love the pale blue color.
I always carry a project in my car for those traffic delays, both expected and unexpected. Much better to arrive relaxed and covered in ink than all stressed out for the day.

rivergardenstudio said...

I am so glad I discovered your blog today. There are so many things about it I love so far, your banner, your jewelry, your papers and your photographs. What a truly creative person you are!

Julie H said...

What a rich post Ro, love the necklace and the papers - wht a tease too - now we all want to touch your textured bits.

girlgonethreadwild said...

I immediately typed, "those pics make me want to jump in your drawers" !!! LOL Uh...

Ro, I r'cvd the most beautiful pkg from you, THANK YOU! Your squares are -geez- I became speechless as I unwrapped them from handpainted papers and is that...wait... did you send me one of your jeweled pieces??? OMG! I'm star struck!

You are FABULOUS! You are the goddess of texture! Can I be your biggest fan?

I can't wait to p-graph Ur squares and share them on my blog. U amaze me! xo, Monica

Digitalgran said...

I just love what you find time to do on your way to work Ro. Were you inspired by old manuscripts there?

Jen Crossley said...

Your amazing,you really know how to manage your time well.
Love your new necklace

Ann Christine Dennison said...

I love those papers!
The journal side is really lovely but how on earth did you manage to do this while in traffic!??? I would probably forget the traffic lights and wake up to the hoots of impatient drivers ;-)

Sweet Petunia said...

Those papers are soooo lovely! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love how this blogland connects us all over the world.

Gaby Bee said...

Your necklace is marvellous, blue is my absolutely favorite color.
Love the decorated papers too.
All pieces are truly unusual!

mary schweitzer said...

Your work is just amazing!
Thank you for the comments you leave on my blog.
Would you be interested in doing a link exchange?

gunnelsvensson said...

Hi! Thank you for visit and comment on my blog, so I found your blog! You make wonderful arts! I will return!