Sunday, 24 February 2008

A visitor to my studio

This darling little frog visited my studio last night along with three, not so welcome, huntsman spiders. We have had some rain just recently and the spiders come in to keep dry. I'm not sure how the frog got in, maybe when the door was open after the heat. He's now back outside in our pond.

This is my current jewellery project or should I say projects. I have a few pieces on the go at present.

These are some of the pages in my journal I'm making for my etsy store, it will have all decorated papers of different weights and sizes, as well as some of my altered art type pages. It's taking longer than I thought but I hope to have it finished soon.

These are some new papers I've been working on this weekend, they are now available on my Etsy

My drawer fetish continues. I found these again at The Warehouse, they are so useful as they open down, like the old hardware store drawers.

I'll be teaching another altered book workshop this coming Sunday, March 2nd at Hann Made Studio in Mentone, there are still places available if anyone is interested. The phone number is in my side bar.

Thanks to everyone who drops by my blog and to those who leave comments too, I really appreciate knowing there are people out there who take the time to check out what I'm up to. I try to reply either by email or visiting your blogs, but there are some people I'm unable to answer as there is no link, to those I say a collective thank you. Thanks also to those who visit my Etsy and especially to those who have purchased from me, you are all so very kind.


Judy said...

Oh my, more drawers - the Imelda of drawers - lol.
Journal is looking fab Ro, they always seem to take longer than we think.

Teresa said...

I love your little visitor. I have a little gang of them that sing to me at night when I'm working. Aren't they great?
Love your new pieces (or works in progress), and your drawers - well......oh to be that organised!

Steph said...

What a cute little visitor !
The jewelry projects look really nice and the pages too.
I wouldn't mind to have such drawers... with what's inside ;)!!!

Stephanie said...

oh this little frog is so sweet, I love the image of her peaking through your fingers.

Pages and jewelry all are wonderful and yes! I love the new storage with the little drop out drawers.


azirca said...

Gorgeous papers, such vibrant colours. Your new jewelery pieces look wonderful.

Your new little drawers are very cute indeed. You must get different stock at your Warehouse stores in Aus, I looked at my local Warehouse but we don't have those here, I'll keep checking though, they might turn up.

Have a great week.

mary schweitzer said...

You can NEVER have enough drawers! And I love the pieces of jewelry you're working on. Gorgeous!
The frog is adorable too LOL!!

Maralena (AKA: mcdc3s) said...

Oh I just love to browse though your blog... you have no idea. I have to laugh a what you call your "drawer fetish"! I adore you little visitor! You have a little toad and I have a little squirrel. I bet if you put some paint on the little toads feet and let him hop around on some fabric and canvas - you would get a wonderful design! Hugs.

jo said...

What a gorgeous little visitor, not sure about those huntsmen though!! Your current projects are amazing, love the jewellery and those papers are divine!

Gaby Bee. said...

OMG this little frog is adorable!
The new pieces of jewelry and your papers are truly amazing!

Jen Crossley said...

What a cute Little frog,You have been as busy as always Ro.How I love looking at your drawers I think I have draw envy

Judy Wise said...

Oh, your frogs are so cute! Ours are tiny and green, sometimes as small as a button. The papers are wonderful - I can attest to that. Love your little wonderland of findings and bijoux. A studio in which one could lose track of time. xo

sharon young said...

Hi Ro
We have toads in our garden too as we have a pond and I can hear them every night. I quite often find one in my welly boot!! Don't fancy the spiders though i'm terrified of them , I used to get really big ones indoors till someone said keep conkers inside and it keeps the spiders way, and amazingly it has, only tiny ones don't seem to mind.
Love the new jewellery range and the journal papers are gougous, don't know where you find the time :-)
But glad you do, your blog is always a treat.

Julie H said...

What an adorable frog! I envy you the drawer collection AND your works in progress are stunning. What an inspiring post.

Abby Creek Art said...

Hey Ro...your new paper and jewelry projects look pretty darn gorgeous.

That first picture of you with Mr. Froggie in your hand is so sweet! I think his visiting your studio could be a very good luck sign for you!

Sharon said...

my goodness you have been busy. love the studio frog.
Can't believe you have added more drawers.

burntofferings said...

hi, YOU'VE been tagged by us. to find out what that means, visit our blog! ~ l & o

Becky Vigor said...

It's not kindness to purchase from you, it's more a case of finding treasure. I so love your patterned papers and am very happy to have some in my possession.

Anonymous said...

such a sweet little frog, i'd love to have such a visitor - no on the spiders though.

beautiful papers - all this beauty takes time, i know the journal will be beautiful. what fun seeing all your sorted goodies in those cool drawers.

katie said...

oops, that anonymous was me :-)
xo katie

rivergardenstudio said...

Your jewelry and your papers are so beautiful, and the little frog adorable. Thanks for visiting my blog and your wonderful comments! Roxanne

Healing Expressions said...

Wow many beautiful images, papers, jewelry treasures!!!! This post was a feast! the sight of those drawers made my creative heart skip a best! What fun!!!

Lynn said...

Delightful photo of the little frog in your hand peeking out.

Robyn said...

Dear little frog you have there. We have tiny little cream frogs as big as your thumb nail that like to nestle inside Calla lillies.

Those drawers are fascinating. I would love to look inside every one of them!

Kathy mccreedy said...

Good morning!
What a gorgeous, organized studio! I'm SO jealous!!! I can't believe your hsb needs to wear a hardhat! Your decorated papers are wonderful, and your jewelry is really beautiful. Thanks so much for visiting my site and for leaving such a nice comment! All my best,

inventivesoul said...

WOW lots of drawers and bins! You rule in that department for sure!


AMAZING windows and nature view!