Saturday, 1 March 2008

Shades of green

Another week, another necklace, I can't believe it's seven days since I lasted posted, I'll have to try and catch up. The necklace above is the latest one on my Etsy

I've been tagged by Linda and Opie and Toni to answer six things about myself, I've done this once before so I'm racking my brains trying to think, here goes

1 I was a lucky survivor of the Ash Wednesday bush fires here, twenty five years ago, I can't believe it was so long ago, it still makes me shiver to think about it. Our house was surrounded by fire, but we were one of the lucky ones.

2 I was obsessed with owning a box of Derwent coloured pencils when I was young and promised to marry a boy in grade four at primary school when he gave me a box for my birthday. I wonder if he's forgotten.

3 I met my best friend when I came out from England fifty years ago and we're still best friends and I still send a card each year to my best friend, in England, prior to coming to Australia.

4 My favourite TV shows are the English murder mysteries, Midsummer murders, Miss Marple, Silent Witness.

5 Daffodils are my favourite flower

6 I'm an avid collector of stuff, beads, art materials, old junk. I might be able to use it one day. Mean while my husband tells me he won't visit my studio unless he's wearing a hard hat.

The rules say I have to select six more people to tag, but I'll tag whoever hasn't been tagged before and wishes to do so.

I've also received a You Make My Day award from Sharon . Thanks Sharon you've helped make my day. You all make my day, so thanks everyone.


Alison Gibbs said...

Oh what a fabulous necklace.

Waltraud said...

Your shadows of green are wonderful!

Judy Wise said...

Oh, the green jewels cascading down; what a mermaid's fantasy! And who knew you loved daffodils best? I think that's a very English thing although I can't exactly say why. I love the tidbits of secrets.

Karen Cole said...

Love your new merchandising techniques, Ro. Displaying your beautiful jewelry this way is magical.

azirca said...

What a gorgeous necklace.
So are hard hats supplied at the door of your studio before entering?
hee, at least you know what to buy your husband as a gift!

mary schweitzer said...

This beauty in green makes me think of spring!
And I never knew you could play tag online!

Jen Crossley said...

This necklace is Gorgeous as always Ro.
Congrats on your Tag

sharon young said...

Thanks for sharing your interesting facts about yourself, i love redaing them, as i'm an inherintly nosey.
Have you been back to the UK since you left?
Love the new necklace, beautiful colours.

Judy said...

great necklace - good luck Ro.
p.s. i am not into the english shows but i did love my pink box of derwents - even if the box WAS pink!!!

Jo Wholohan said...

i just adddooorrreee this Ro, you have this amazing ability to make all the wonderful "bits" gel together so beautifully!!!

Ahipara Girl said...

Kia Ora Ro. Thank you for visiting my blog site and leaving a comment. I am constantly amazed at who I meet here on the web. Blogs rock. I have just read some of your website and your name and work rings bells. This is a beautiful site and is no doubt the reflection of a beautiful and creative woman. Thanks for taking time for me today. I enjoyed your place too. PS, revisit my blog and check out "Trash Palace" in February's posts. I didn't even start with the metal bits and bobs section. If you are ever in Wellington, NZ and want a tour guide, food and some culture, look me up.

Julie H said...

Oh what a relaxing necklace - such soothing colours and shapes. Loyalty is a wonderful quality and I am sure your friends appreciate it.

dime store daze said...

What a beauty, Love the display with the old book.

Sharon said...

Ok, I'm loving the green. That's my color...same as my eyes. It is beautiful.
Also, loved getting to know you with the list. Fun

burntofferings said...

we love all the same english mysteries and can't get enough of them!
BTW: your jewelry is beautiful.
~ linda and opie

Lynn said...

I love the green beads on the green book. Lovely with the lace below as well.
You do marvelous things with your beads and charms.
Glad you survived the fire too.
Glad you have a friend of long standing, they are the very best.
Mine dates to infancy.
We enjoy the same English TV shows.

Regina said...

Gorgeous necklace, Ro. Loved reading your tag info, too.

Stephanie said...

Love these little glimpses into the not so public side....

Sue Smith said...

Your jewellery is amazing, Ro! Just gorgeous!

lysh said...

Love those pale olive green tones blending to the gold.

Deb Silva said...

Your jewelry keeps getting better!

Ann Christine Dennison said...

Gorgeous necklace, I love the colour and all the different things you have used!

kartika said...

I love your site! Your designs are really wonderful! Please visit my blog - soon I will have my own work posted - collage, mixed media. Thank you! Kartika