Monday, 16 February 2009

Thank you

Thank you so much to everyone for your concerns and kind comments re my past two bushfire posts. I haven't had time to respond to you all individually, but please know I really appreciate your words and thoughts. Thanks to all the people too here and overseas who have given to the Red Cross and other charities. The response has been amazing, the victims of the fires have been overwhelmed by peoples generosity and concern.

To date 189 people have died and they are still expecting that to rise as they search deeper into the burnt out areas. Most of the fires are contained but they expect it will be weeks before they are extinguished completely.

We had a scare last night, a fire started only a few kilometres from here, fortunately, for us, the wind was blowing it away from our property. I had filled the bath with water the previous week incase we had fires and had the mops at the ready. Sunday night I decided to bucket the water out of the bath and spread it around our very parched garden, half an hour later, after the bath was empty, our fire siren went and the helicopters started flying over, we were told to put our emergency fire plan into action, so guess what, I now have the bath full again. I think I might leave the water in there this time until winter.

This was the sunset a couple of nights ago from all of the fires that were around, the colours were amazing.

This is our front garden on the same evening, it was such an eerie glow, everything was pink.

We had a working bee at the weekend and we now have our view back (this is the view from our back fence). My daughters and their partners came over and cleaned up the back garden, it's like a park now, no grass or dead trees. I didn't realize how big the garden was, we haven't seen it in such a long time.

These are a few more pages from my junk journal. I'm really enjoying working in this journal. I've been using it to experiment and to loosen up. Everything is done quickly without thinking. Very enlightening.


Sam Marshall said...

Hi Ro,
So glad to know you are okay. Hopefully you won't have any more of these scares.

Janette Kearns Wilson said...

Have been thinking of you and so relieved to read your post.
The human spirit and generosity is truly beyond belief.
Keep safe
Best wishes

Dave King said...

I have the feeling that at this distance we just cannot comprehend the enormity of it. We send our blessings.

Jeane said...

I agree with Dave - I also am so glad to see a post from you and know you are safe - in our prayers....

Judy Wise said...

The page in your journal made me shiver in fear. Life demands so much of us at times. Such beauty and with it so much pain. I pray it settles down now and lets you have some peace.

katie jane said...

Your garden is lovely and I hope it stays that way. The sky is like a painting. Isn't it amazing how something so horrific can produce something so prety? Your little junk journal looks fun.

Anonymous said...

Ro, email me your address, I am sending you something.

femminismo said...

Those words: fire, wind, heat, devastation - they captured your situation. That blackish, charred looking page echoed your poor countryside. But oh, those flowers, under the pinkish sky. Loveliness in the midst of it all. So glad and happy you are safe. Jeanne

Jen Crossley said...

Your Journel page about the fire was a stark reminder we will never forget.Im glad you safe dear Ro
I will be thinking of you this weekend Im off with Chris to do Keith Lo bu in Halls gap

Jo Wholohan said...

your view is lovely Ro!!!! i love your journalling, so inspiring, take care of yourself xx

lynne h said...

love seeing your journal pages ro... still thinking about you and sending wishes for no wind or fire... xo

Jacky said...

I was thinking of you on Sunday when I heard that a fire had started in Belgrave. I was so happy when I heard that they had it under control. Very, very scary time isnt it? I had to laugh when you tell the bath story. We have had the bath full with towel etc. at the ready. Thank goodness we didnt have to use them.
Thanks for sharing your journal pages...gorgeous as always and quite poignant.

Dot said...

Hi Ro

So sorry to hear you haeve had a scare. But very happy you are OK. The photo's you shared are amazing (especially that one of the sky).

Your journal pages are very striking and full of feeling.

Take care


Deb Silva said...

Yes Ro,
I'm really glad to hear that you're okay - what a tragedy.
sending my love,

Elizabeth said...

Oh Ro !! My ehart hurts for all of the suffering, the animals too!! So glad that you got the garden cleared out, that is so important!! I have to do that on a regular basis inside and out as I married a firefighter- they are a tough lot but they keep us safe and work very hard!! i would not let my tub empty either!!
Big hugs!!

glad to see that you can escape into your glorious art!!

P.S i have missed you and Dot and Jacky's posts with everything else that is going on!!

Anonymous said...

the journal's looking great Ro - as is the garden. Glad you are safe and well and creating.
x mandy

crafty said...

love your journal pages.
heartbreaking to see those fire photos, my cousin lost his house in chum creek.
you work hard to build a life and home for your family and in a second it's gone.
feel so helpless not being near or being able to do anything.
joan in italyh
ps on my blog I've posted a couple of before and after photos

MargaretR said...

I'm so glad you are OK Ro. Stay safe.

Chris said...

Ro, I have to admit something. That is that here in L.A. there is a almost yearly onslaught of brushfires, and it is overwhelmingly sad, it's destructive, frustrating, and it aches to the quick. I read about what you all are going through and it really makes the feelings well up, but what can be said. It is humbling and frankly, I get angry. We all must do what we can to help. No one, even we here in So. California, is ready for these horrible things, and we all need help. We can't be cynical about it.

Ann Christine Dennison said...

So many people have died, I am sitting here feeling sad, it really affects many families. I am trying to visualise what it would be like if this was happening here, I am sure people would be deeply shocked and lives changed.

Fantastic view you have, your garden must be huge by our standards, I think mine is approximately 1200 square meters.

Love your journal entries here too!