Sunday, 1 February 2009

We've survived for now

What a week, our hottest on record. The temperature reached 45 deg C, 113 F on Friday. This created chaos everywhere, power black outs across the suburbs and in the city. Melbourne came to a stand still at one stage, no traffic lights, people stuck in lifts, no trains, air conditioners off, the city almost melted, in parts the bitumen did. As promised we received our cool change and only had to put up with 37 deg on Saturday. Today has been lovely, I think it reached 30 but haven't checked. The rest of the week is low thirties, which is much more pleasant. I hope they are right. There have been major fires to the east of our state, so far 29 homes have been lost, fortunately no loss of human life.

Thank you to everyone for your kind wishes and thoughts, it's nice to know there are people out there who care.

I hope that was the worst we get for summer, but February is usually our hottest month, so we're still a little apprehensive.
Global warming is certainly here.

We have lots of candles around the house that look like this now, just as well our power didn't go out.
They are certainly a talking point.

I managed to sit quietly over the weekend and work on my junk mail journal. I'm not sure what this page is about. It probaly reflects my jumbled state of mind at the time.

This is a background for something, I'm not sure what yet.

These two pages are from my decorated papers journal, I like to use these journals for my experiments, I'll probably add text later.

I also added some more fabric/button kits and two more stamps to my Etsy.

Thanks once again for your concerns, I'll try to reply by email or visiting your blogs. The blogging community is definitely a wonderful place.


Teresa said...

The photo of that candle is just hilarious! I guess although you're a little cooler in the mountains, there's the ever-present concern about fires. I'll be glad when this fire season is over!

Janette Kearns Wilson said...

Ro, Love the candle....a picture tells a thousand tales...stuff.
How amazing that we begin to think that the 30's is not too bad as far as heat goes.
Hope it is not too hot for Steve in the kitchen.

Chrisy said...

Oh lord am sure you all felt just like that candle...hope that the weather stays at 30 or below and you get to do some art work in comfort..

jgr said...

WOW! That candle really says it all! I'm glad you were able to do some art though, I love your work! You have inspired me. I hope you cool off soon.

Julie H said...

Oh Ro I am sure the Melbournites felt like that candle at the end of each day at the moment. How focussed you are to get creative too - I am impressed.

We are looking at 30deg tomorrow, and I was sighing as I know my new year eights will flag by the afternoon on a warm day, and wishing I cold stay home and enjoy.

What is your prediction for March?

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Just had a laugh at your candle.
We are at the other end of the temperature scale. With wind chill we were -6C yesterday and there are snowflakes beginning to flutter down as I write.

Regina said...

OMG! I rarely gets that hot in the summer here in the high desert of New Mexico! I loved looking at your lovely decorated papers, as well as your slide show, Ro. Try to stay cool!

Steph said...
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Steph said...

Glad to know you survived !
Would'nt like to be this candle!
Love the stamps ! Keep cool!

Judy Wise said...

The world seems so much smaller now that I have loved ones in a different seasonal zone. I thought of you every day - the fires, oh. Thank goodness we can all breathe again. And yes, the poor candle. A moment of levity.

Dot said...

Hi Ro

I must admit I laughed out loud at the photo of the candle!

Wasn't that hot weather horrible? I am so glad that you are OK and had a nice weekend.

Love the pages you created in your journal ; and am glad you had cooler weather to create in too.

Fingers crossed we don't get any more of that extreme weather this month.

I really feel for people who have lost their homes. And so much land.

Take care

Dot xx

Julie said...

Amazing candle! I pity the poor people stuck in lifts. My worst nightmare. I hope you've seen the last of the terrible heat. Glad you're safe too.

femminismo said...

Lovely backgrounds for all your work. Well, actually, just the "backgrounds" are pieces of art in and of themselves. So sorry it's so hot there. That candle tells the tale. Jeanne in Oregon

Miriam said...

I had a little laugh at your candle picture, however the heat has NOT been so funny, unbearable! your journal looks great :)

Jeane said...

wow, you guys are really suffering - hope it has cooled a bit by now and the fire danger is so scary - can't imagine you were able to work - I would be laying as still as possible in the coolest place I could find! the candle pic made me laugh so hard!

Jen Crossley said...

It has been really hot Ro thats for sure.
Glad the fire didnt come close to you.The candle picture is funny but thats what I felt like in the heat

misty said...

you have been in my thoughts dear Ro, i am sorry it has been so very hot there. that melted goodness!
how unsettling to have to take your beloved items to work with you each day, for the fear of fires, that must be such a scary feeling.
i so much hope it continues to cool down there.
and your journal pages are inspiring as always!


Gaby Bee said...

Your journal pages are fantastic as usual. Fabulous textures and very inspiring colors. The pic of that candle is really funny.
Take care

azirca said...

Fabulous pages Ro, so vibrant, just like your weather!
Hope that you are managing to keep cool and that you wont have to light those rather droopy looking candles.

Kim said...

I can't believe you were able to be creative in that heat! I'm sure I would have had a zen moment and been at one with the candle, LOL. Love your backgrounds (fab colour) and the junk mail journal too. Might have to start saving my own now!

katie jane said...

Just wanted to see if you are still breathing, and I see that you are! Love your jumble page. How clever. And, of course, your other pages are always so exciting. Love your candle. I always feel like that in August, when we reach the upper 90s.

lindacreates said...

Ro, I am so glad you and your home are okay. Your mail art journal says it all.

Candace said...

That poor auld candle. We have certainly all had our taste of global warming and its polar opposite this year, haven't we? I worry about the folks, of course, but also the animals...
GREAT photos, Ro. Thanks so much for sharing, too.

Megan P said...

What wonderful pages you created in such unbearable heat Ro. That candle is a scream. Mx

sharon young said...

I'm so pleased for you that the temperatures are coming down, I can't believe that candle.
I'm really surprised you managed any art work at all in such a state of high alert!
Lovely journals.

JuliaRose said...

Hi Ro,
Looove the droopy candle..thats how I felt the whole time...still feeling a little droopy, went shopping yesterday and felt like I was waddling around with droopy everything from sitting out the heatwave for days before...LOL.
I have just nominated you for the Marie Antoinette REAL person award...I hope you dont mind...see my site for

Tracy said...

Glad to hear you have survived the terrible heat you have been getting down there - it's been in the low 30's here, just hot enough to be a pain.
Love the colours of your journal pages, very much like the procions :) and the stamps are terrific -ummm could see them working well with fabric too :)

lynne h said...

oh, ro, i hope the cooling trend holds... i know how it was here last summer with the heat and fires, and my heart goes out to you.

i love these pages... lively and complex and they very much make my eyes smile!! i will sit here and pick up a few pointers for my pages for seth and julie. ; )

sending cool thoughts your way... xo

Jo Horswill said...

Ro...your poor candle! Thats exactly what I looked like, last week. Melted!

Helen Suzanne said...

You poor things1 I knew it was well hot with you but this image of the candle just translates it so well. How on earth do you keep cool in all that?

Anonymous said...

that candle says it all.. stay cool.. we have over 40 coming at us for the weekend..

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Oh Ro, your journal pages are exquisite! Very unique in style, every bit as bright and colorful as YOU.