Tuesday, 4 January 2011

A bit of everything

During last year I joined Traci Bautista's online classes and found them extremely inspiring, especially her 'Discovering You' course, all about starting your own business and marketing yourself. Traci is now running an Art Journaling Daily event on her blog where everyday you spend 5-20 minutes journaling. I make lots of journals but haven't made one for myself in a long time. Now I'm working full time at my art I decided now was as good a time as any to start. My journal is very basic as you can see, the only art is on the cover, this is going to be a real challenge as I always start out with decorated papers. I'll be posting the progress along the way. Visit Traci's site, you might like to join the event too.

The cover.

The inside cover.

All of the pristine white pages.

I received this magnificent piece of equipment for Christmas from my husband. I've been working on two journals, one a commission and the other a secret for the time being, this little (or should I say not so little) piece of machinery is helping me add some wonderful embellishments to the pages. I've been using a hand felting embellisher for some time now, but this one is the way to go, it saves so much time and embellishes pretty much anything that stands still long enough for me to get it under the needles.

This is my new embellisher.

I've still managed to find a little time to do some hand work on my gelatine printed quilt. I love the fact that this was just a pile of plain calico before I started printing. It's a lovely feeling to have created something from your own fabric, making it totally unique. I'm adding circles of varying sizes, these are cut from some very old pure linen (the dark blue) and raw silk (the khaki green) pants I had many years ago adding to the 'aged' look.

The buttons are very old linen ones and the label is from a brand of 'hippy' clothing I used to wear some years ago, although I still have the clothes and they do make an appearance on occasions.

 These circles will all be linked eventually.

I'm never one to pass something by if I think I can use it to create texture, and these little bamboo goodies jumped out at me today and said 'take me home'. The other end is actually tongs but I'll be using this end to decorate paper and fabric, at 3 for a dollar I couldn't resist them.

Finally I regularly visit blogs and gain so much inspiration along the way, and every so often a technique comes along that knocks your socks off. Susan Lenz has a textile technique that does just that. I did a textile swap with her some years ago now and was most impressed with her piece but what Susan's doing now is amazing and if you go back through her blog files she actually explains how she does it, a very talented, generous lady.


Jan said...

I like your new journal, about time you make one for yourself;-) How many needles does your embellisher hold? I keep thinking about getting one but so far only use hand held needles for my felting. Would my work be better? get made faster? be more fun? with an embellisher? Faster, maybe. Hope you continue to enjoy yours.

Anonymous said...

Ro...Thanks so much for sharing my artJOURNALING daily blog series! look forward to seeing more of your art! happy new year! artful hugs..xo

Jacky said...

I'm looking forward to seeing how this new journal evolves Ro...this will be very different for you (and no doubt as spectacular as everything you do).
Will check out Traci Bautista's daily blog series. Sounds fun!
Loooove Susan Lenz and already have that tutorial in my favourites and intend to have a play (on a smaller scale). Very generous of her.

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday. Might be some happenings for your new journal???

Jacky xox

p.s. lucky you get the embellisher for Christmas. Steve is going to have to have a whisper to my Paul!

Doreen G said...

Wow Ro now you will be able to zip through the needle felting.
I am about to start on another workshop with Dale at the Thread Studio using the embellisher-she has fantastic ideas.
I love your stitched cloth.

Emma said...

I am loving my embellisher machine - i thoughtyou alrady had one - this is much easier on he hands.
Meant to comment on your beautiful lace printing - I'm so slow! ;)

Looks like you're having a great start to the new year, long may it continue! I'm off to revisit Tracy B & Susan L, thanks.

Susan said...

Thanks so much for the "shout out" on your blog! You'll LOVE your new machine and I adore your "ancient" fabrics and stitching.
PS I "journal" every day too. While I wrote on-and-off for years, it has been a steady habit for over four years now. It is amazing to look back over your thoughts and read how a small seed of inspiration grew into significant work. Journaling focuses the mind's most sincere desires and gives direction no "how to" book can!

Heather said...

Love your new journal cover Ro, but those white pages are so scary! I must take a look at Traci's site. I have a Janome embellisher and love it - so easy to use. Your quilt is looking lovely and those bamboo thingies look interesting. Thanks for the links.

Elizabeth said...

A Ro journal with blank white pages!!! Hmmmmm not for long!!! So glad that you are doing one for yourself to be yours to hang on to.When we sell everything that we make we can end up with nothing to show off our style and abilities and awesome art!!!!
Those bamboo thingies will be fab fun to paly with I know that you will do something magical with them!!! Congrats on your new toy!! I also adore Susan's work and I am working on getting her up to my area to teach workshop or two or five!!!!One could study her work for hours and hours and she is such a wonderful person as well!!!
Art On full speed ahead, dear Ro!!!!

Anonymous said...

I never fail to gain inspiration from your blog, Ro, and which you so much fun with your embellisher (I love mine, make trims with it) and your journal pages - I use so many simultaneously, I have to catalogue what I write in each one. Now to look at the links you've so kindly provided, and then back to catch up on your posts which I have missed whilst being busy elsewhere. All the best for 2011. Ann.

artymess said...

Love the journal .i have an embellisher at school but i can't seem to get on with it .....will look forward to seeing what you do with it.......I love Susan Lenz work especially the coloured work its amazing....x

Anonymous said...


a janome embellisher!

what fun.

I a keen to hear how it is different to the others.

Seth said...

Looking forward to seeing what you do with those blank, white pages.

Karen Wallace said...

Great ideas. Thanks for sharing. Warmly, Karen

Julie said...

I have a Janome Embellisher too and when I remember to use it it's great fun! I must make friends with it again. I shall look forward to seeing what you can do with the bamboo tongs.

The weaving is developing beautifully.

Susan Lenz is such an inspiration. I have been fortunate enough to meet her and show her round my local city, well, graveyards (!) and she is delightful company too :-)

Karen Cole said...

Your blog looks amazing. The layout, the journal (can't wait to see what you do with those pages).......oh, and I'll be over to use that machine any day now....and that quilt!!!!!

The happiest of new years to you, dear, Ro.

Jenxo said...

will be intersting to se how your art journal evolves. I have started one this year for the first time, 10 minuts and no frills lol

i have janome embellisher and just love it, love your quilt too...

sue said...

Goodness Ro - what lovely things you make! Thanks for the link to Susans site - she too makes wonderful thongs and I can see why you admire her work!

ArtfulLee Designed said...

Great journal cover, I am watching Traci's blog to with a lot of interest.
I love your fabric art, so creative. Looks like you will be having a lot of fun playing with your new machine too. Lucky girl