Sunday, 9 January 2011

Five Take Flight

'Five Take Flight' is a possible name for an exhibition that our little group of five art friends will be holding later on in the year. On Saturday we had our art get together at Patsy's home and what a day it was. In spite of the very hot weather, we had a great time, fabulous food and lots of laughing then down to the business of the day, to 'create a large piece of art'.
We started with this huge piece of canvas that Patsy generously provide, along with the paints, and just walked around and around the table adding paint, changing colour, not even thinking, just letting our minds go. This was a fabulous way to paint, no planning, no inhibitions, just freedom. Below is the result. This will be the banner for our exhibition.

This is the start with the blank canvas, Jacky, Pats and Dot.

The progress, Jacky, Julia and Pats.

Almost enough.

The finished piece.

We were so 'in the zone' we decided to cut another piece of canvas into five sections, go around the table painting at random, then after about ten minutes we chose a section each and just continued on our own piece. Below is the amazing results, all very individual pieces.

Julia's panel, Patsy's, Dot's, mine and Jacky's

Part of Dot's, mine then Jacky's

What a great day, I could definitely recommend this to everyone, go and grab some friends and go for it, so liberating.

This is the second page I created in Julia's book in our round robin.

 Patsy loves textiles and stitching, so I made this button necklace for her birthday with lots of red and purple buttons. Happy Birthday Patsy for tomorrow.


Heather said...

What a glorious post Ro - just full of joyful design and colour. I love the page you created and the necklace is great fun.

yogiknitgirl said...

Oh my goodness beautiful. The finished piece was breathtaking. How blessed you are to have a like minded group of creative friends. Wish I could come to your exhibit! Wow...just gorgeous work!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely glorious. I love the idea of getting together with friends to create art. trouble is, my acquaintances are scattered around the world - guess we could do something electronically, but it wouldn't be the same. All the best with the upcoming exhibition.

Elizabeth Armstrong said...

Excellent Excellent Excellent!
I just love it - well done everyone!


ju-north said...

What a great idea! Love the riot of colour!

Emma said...

Who will I walk round the table with? ;( Mine's in September, solo, scary, exhilharating. As you say, we make our own future. I'm not alone tho with the whole of blogworld behind me. Maybe I'll do a long floaty hanging.....;)

Grethe Jonassen said...

Dette var et nydelig blogginlegg som frydet mitt hjerte å lese! En god ide at også voksne kvinner kan leke med farger og et nydelig resultat!
Klem fra Grethe in Norway

Laura J. Wellner (author pseudonym Laura J. W. Ryan) said...

That's gorgeous, I love it!! We've been doing "shared" paintings in our little Moonlighting Gallery, passing a stretched canvas around amongst ourselves that one of us has started, taking it home and working on it individually...we have quite a few now. When we have a few more, we're going to hold an auction to raise money for a charity. They are challenging to do, but they keep getting better and better, we've talked about having a night to work on one around a table together. Fun stuff!! It's always inspiring to visit you!!

femminismo said...

This is fantastic! So colorful to view in the midst of our winter. The button necklace is a real treasure. What a great gift for a friend. (Looking at the painting, I am thinking of virtual exhibits. The "Five Take Flight" exhibit would be fun to download at the art gallery where I volunteer. We could have a slide show going on, if your group is game.) - Jeanne in Oregon

Ellie said...

The banner is amazing. Love the colors. The necklace looks really cute.

jgr said...

It is truly a work of art! So beautiful and what a great idea - painting with friends.

Doreen G said...

OMG Ro that is truly anamazing piece of art that you all have created-love it.

Julie said...

That looks like so much fun! :-) So much colour and movement!

Bren said...

now that is what I call amazing collaboration. Just stunning, I can only imagine it's impact in person.

Judy said...

stunning Ro - I love the enormous panel in one piece.

sue said...

It is so wonderful to see women creating together - with so much freedom and support. A lovely, inspiring post - thanks for sharing!

ArtfulLee Designed said...

I just love the canvas, what a fantastic and fun way to create, especially with friends.
Your journal page and title is lovely and I like the funky necklace.

Karen Cole said...

I love the collaborative spirit. You all created something so full of colorful energy. Very exciting and I bet you all had a grand time.

I'm looking forward to seeing what pieces you put into the show.

Jacky said...

We certainly did have a grand was exhilarating gathering together to paint like that and on such a large scale!
Absolutely fabulous group of girls you all pleased to be part of it!

Loooved your necklace for Patsy Ro and it looked beautiful on her (very Pats). Would love to do a button necklace...will you be doing some classes do you think???

Beautiful journal page for Julia's altered book. You are so organised to have yours all finished.

Thanks for a wonderful day (again)!

Jacky xox

Dot said...

Whooo Hooo!! What a great post Ro. And what a wonderful day we had. I have never been invlved in something like this before and am still on a high. I feel privileged to be part of our group and feel like we are all taking 'flight'. The necklace you made for Patsy is incredible. And the art you made for Julia's book is beautiful.
Enjoy your week!
Dot xx

suziqu's thread works said...

What amazing results Ro and you had such a great time sharing these ideas, colours and thoughts.
Just Beautiful!
We definitely create our own future and we need to be reminded of that with an open heart.
x Suzy

Nic Hohn said...

this looks like it was a whole lot of fun!

Kim Palmer said...

Wow Ro what a fun time you all have had and the canvas looks wonderful. Such vibrant colours! Can'ty wait to see what you all get up to next and look forwrd to sneaky peeks of the show material. The necklace is gorgeous of course. You have been so busy!

Elizabeth said...

I am not at all sure how I missed this fabulous post and art disply!! A friend Who I ahd turned on to your blog contacted me and asked if we could do this together!!! You ahve definately inspired one group at least!!!!!! SO excited that youa re all going to do a show together ! that will be fabulous!!!!