Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Painting in the round

At our Altered books and beyond get together last Thursday night we decided to do a Painting in the round session, that's what I call it anyway. We had this huge piece of canvas and then the eleven of us walked around the table armed with paint and brushes and just kept walking and painting.

Doing the rounds.

Almost ready to cut up.

My piece after I'd done some work on it.

My finished piece. I'm thinking of turning it into a HUGE holder for all of my markers and pens.

I've spent the last two days dying lots and lots of fabric and lace, I'll have pictures in the next post.


Healing Woman said...

Looks like fun and therapeutic at the same time. I'll bet you'll come up with a great art holder. By the way, I've decided to create 6 of those art chairs you turned me on to. Now the hunt for old bar stools. Thanks again!

Warm wishes,

Bren said...

What an amazing idea, to see all these artist working away to create something so unique. Brilliant! Love how you finished out your piece.

Heather said...

Looks and sounds like a lot of fun. Love your results. Looking forward to seeing what you dyed.

Iz said...

Now that is a cool idea! Looks incredible!

dosfishes said...

What a fantastic idea and everyone gets to share knowing that everyone's hand had a piece of their work. Love it. such unleashed creativity. xox Corrine