Thursday, 1 September 2011

Patsy's Exhibition

My friend Patsy Worledge is holding a solo exhibition at Beaumaris Art Group Studios, Reserve Road Beaumaris, over the next three weekends.
The opening is tomorrow night, Friday the 2nd September, between 6.00pm and 9.00pm,  it's being opened by Beverley Dunn a fabulous Aussie actress. Feel free to drop in tomorrow night or over the next three weekends, between 11.00am and 4.00pm, Patsy would love to see you, she's such an inspiring artist. Patsy will also be teaching here next March too.

I helped her set up the exhibition today and took some photos of her amazing work, she's so prolific.

The lady herself.

Some of her paintings, rickety stitching and bags.

More works of art.

Just a small selection of Patsy's bags, she has nineteen altogether.

This is one of her coats she made from recycled clothing. Patsy and I will be teaching classes for recycled clothing later this month. If you're interested in attending a workshop please email me for details.

A beautiful painting, so much to see in the many layers.

Another one of Patsy's beautiful rickety stitching quilts.

A close up detail of another quilt.

Next post I will definitely show you pictures of my new doorway.


Heather said...

Patsy's exhibition looks wonderful and full of colour and quirkiness. I love the bags and rickety stitching items. Her paintings are full of life and so many people are going to be in for a real treat at this event.

Lotus said...

She does wonderful work! I hope your friend does well for her show!

Parabolic Muse said...

Heavens to mergatroid, what a great showcase! Best to Patsy!

Janette Kearns Wilson said...

Thanks Ro for showing Patsy's exhibition, what fabulous energy......and the COLOUR !!!!!!!

Julie said...

Wow! What beautiful work, I wish I could see it irl. The detail you have shown is wonderful. Thank you for letting us see this super exhibition.

Tracy Verdugo said...

Thanks for sharing Ro and a huge congrats to all looks wonderful....wish I could zip on down for a real life look!
Tracy xox

Elizabeth said...

The picture of Patsy with all of her glorious work is fabulous!! i would so love to be there to meet her and see all of her delightful work!!! I would take hours to study each piece!! I bet that she is an absolute delight to work with !! so very inspiring!! thank you so much for sharing your wonderful friend with all of us!! you are a such a wonderful friend Ro!!!!!

Samantha Marshall said...

What beautiful work. I hope all goes well for the exhibition.

Emma said...

What a fabulous show, I wish her all the luck. How I love the term rickety stitching!

Your journal below was stunning, loved the inside pics, too. I'd join you if I could on the recycled clthing class but I'm lucky to have a friend to help me repurpose some of mine. Thanks for your encouraging words ;)

Jacky said...

It looks amazing Ro.... I cant wait to go in tomorrow and see it all in the flesh!

Jacky xox

Dot said...

Hi there Ro Ro. Your photo's of Patsy's exhibition are fantastic! And I love the photo with the gorgeous Patsy too. Jacky and I had a lovely time ' babysitting' the exhibition yesterday. A explosion of color.
Looking forward to seeing you and the girls on October 1.
Dot xx

iHanna said...

Inspiring set up and inspiring things. What a lovely exhibition that looks like