Wednesday, 12 October 2011

More in the round

We had our workshop 'Painting in the Round' last weekend at Patsy's house. We painted up a storm working on this huge piece of canvas. These are the results. I'm annoyed I didn't get photos of all of the results. We ended up taking them home to continue working.

The canvas in progress

the finished piece

Patsy working on her piece

my piece in progress.

I would never describe my work as pretty, so these laces and ribbons just didn't do anything for me 

they went in my dye baths and ended up like this

the same with these fabrics, they ended up in the pots too

to produce this

and this.

If you would like to see Margaret's finished coat from our repurposed clothing workshop, hop over to her blog here, she has some great journal pages too.


artymess said...

oooh that's so yummy .would love to have been there......x

Heather said...

That's one big canvas and full of gorgeousness. Love your dyed lace and fabrics - it's a great idea to overdye things that don't fit in. I'm just going to check out Margarets' coat.

Clare said...

What fun - you all must have had on this project. The colours are a riot of yummy swirls.

Anonymous said...

I'm just getting my feet wet with teaching classes and I'd love to use this idea for a class! Can you explain a bit of what you actually use for the canvas and what kind of paints? I'm assuming each person works a few minutes on one spot then you rotate? It looks like you cut it up in pieces for each person at some much time do you allow for a class like this? I love your style and would so appreciate any tips!
Jenna Kannas

Sandie said...

Lovely jubbly!
Been and checked out the coat on Margarets' blog....want to do mine now!

Sandie xx

Elizabeth said...

Love your in the round piece!!!! Are you using any old acrylics or golden?? Love how it is turning out!! A friend and I are trying to get together to do this!!!
Don't you just love throwing those tired linens in the dye pots and getting such glorious color back!! Yum Yum!! It just ahs to make one smile!!!!

Julie said...

Working in the round looks so much fun and so freeing.

Isn't it amazing how much difference a change of colour makes to lace!

thekathrynwheel said...

Ooh your blog is so colourful, and I just love colour! These huge canvases are absolutely amazing :-)

Anonymous said...

the large canvas is a happy feast for the eyes,

Thankyou for your kind words, Ro.. your art truly does make my heart sing.

Fenland Textile Studio said...

Love your lace, it is so much more interesting once dyed or painted. Thanks for the comments about the daff dyeing. Do you want any fabric/lace from it? The yellow is just so lovely. I have quite a bit as I have been making extra samples to get more photos for a magazine article.

ArtfulLee Designed said...

This looks like so much fun Ro. Painting with friends all contributing to the one piece, what a great way to spend the day

kisekileia said...

I consider your work very pretty, but my idea of prettiness tends to include a lot of bright colours.

Samantha Marshall said...

Wow!!! Looks absolutely amazing. The dyed laces look wonderful.

atticaddict said...

Hi Ro.... You are doing some great stuff over there! I am sure missing all your creativity and inventiveness and inspiration. Your "in the round" classes look a lot of fun with a great result. Looking forward to trawling through your blog now!!! Carey