Thursday, 3 November 2011

More of where we've been

One of the places not very far from where we stayed is the picturesque port of Eden. It's a fishing town with many fishing boats and a whale festival. We spent a day there taking lots of photos and exploring.

I love the fishing nets with their great colours and textures.

There's a whole area where the nets are spread out, not sure if it's to dry or they've been abandoned.

I loved this below, it looks like an enormous necklace. The circles are old car tyres cut into circles with holes in the middle.

The fishing crates too made for very interesting colour and texture.

I couldn't resist collecting some of the flattened, beautifully coloured pieces of rope on the ground, they will end up in a journal or collage.

A friendly seal visits the harbour.

Where we stayed there were some magnificent bougainvilleas growing, with the most beautiful magenta and orange flowers, well they're the leaves actually, the flowers are the tiny white centres. I couldn't resist trying some echo printing India Flint style, only I didn't take her book with me, so I was working from memory. I bundled and steamed the 'leaves' then left them to dry a couple of days, I know I must have missed a vital part of the process as the colours blurred rather than printed, now I'm home I'll read what I should have done.

The bundles.

The results, not very exciting but they can still be worked with.

Finally, I completed another journal while I was away so I hope to have it on my Etsy over the weekend.
More pictures of it in the next post.

Thanks for all of your lovely comments in the last post.


Bren said...

Unbelievable textures and colours you found among the world of the fisherman! Love the texturing the bundling provided, and the new journal looks yummy. You've been busy on this get away.

Heather said...

Wonderful photos - I could feel myself relaxing as I looked at them. All those lovely 'Ro Bruhn' colours! I love the subtle tints your plant material dyeing gave you - you can always brighten them up with paint if you want stronger colours.
Love the journal too.

suziqu's thread works said...

That journal looks good enough to eat. I can't believe you came visiting to Eden. This is where our journey from Melb. took us 12 years ago and you were only about 20 mins away from where we live. I wish I could have met up with you Ro!
Eden is indeed a very picturesque town with the surrounding views.
Your photographs have really done those nets justice - beautiful colours indeed!

Hoola Tallulah said...

I need to read that India Flint book and make me some bundles, yours look wonderful, even if they did not turn out how you hoped. I love the journal, your work is fascinating.

artymess said...

can't wait to see the new journal ...i always collect the little pieces of colourful rope too....lovely photos ......x

Papagodesign said...

The colours in the photo's are just divine and so inspirational. The fishing nets are just mind boggling - wonder whether the owner knew what he was choosing?
I think I need to revisit the area !!!

Samantha Marshall said...

The photos are so beautiful Ro! It's so cool how you've used natural materials to create the printed fabrics-fantastic. I absolutely LOVE your journal.

Cathie said...

I think your bundle fabric came out lovely. And that journal is a WOW. Fishing nets do make beautiful subject matter for photography and art. Who would have ever thought?