Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Where we've been

We've had a wonderful ten days staying at the 'beach house one' Tura Beach near Merimbula. If you check out their web site you'll see more photos, the car in the driveway on their web site is mine, my DH took the photos and sent them to the owner last time we visited and they put some of them on their blog.

It was lovely to wake up to the sea view every morning and to watch the whales on their journey south.

This was one of our favourite cafes in Merimbula.

Below are photos of the boardwalk, we walked this everyday, 3.75 kms there and back.

I sketched most days, on our walks and in cafes. Below caught in action.

These beautiful little blue crabs come out, in their hundreds, for about an hour each day when the tide's out. They're only seen in a very small part along the boardwalk.

These baby swallows were also out for their first big adventure, only just being able to fly.

We also had this delightful couple visit regularly through the day at the house.
The beach is just the other side of the gate in the photo.

We visited Central Tilba which is a very old historical village. The shops are all occupied by artists of various kinds. I found a shop that was right up my alley with lots of great clothes from Nepal. I've never really got over my hippy days. The owner also makes silver jewellery.

I bought this T shirt and jacket in there, purple of course.

Beach combing was also a daily event, although this day was quite misty.

More in a couple of days.


Bren said...

What a great vacation get away. Enjoyed taking a little stroll through your vacation with you :-)

Jacky said...

Ro, what a great getaway. I love the thought of strolling the 3.75km, a little bit of sketching, a coffee ... all so lovely and relaxing.
Great photos below. The flour resist workshop was great, love my pieces and will be putting a couple in my latest quilt. Raelene's photo from 'painting in the round' has come up a treat. The framed pieces look amazing dont they?

See you Saturday.

Jacky xox

jinxxxygirl said...

Lovely little vacay there! I'll bet it was hard to come home. Ten days on the beach how wonderful!

Heather said...

What a fantastic place for a holiday. All mod cons yet surrounded by nature - perfect - and the boardwalk is amazing. Those little blue crabs are so sweet and how wonderful to be able to watch whales from your balcony.
Love your purple Tshirt and jacket.

PamMcd said...

What a perfect vacation Ro - my idea of heaven.

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Ro,
Sounds and looks like a gorgeous time away!
I love visiting that area, not only for the beaches and shops but my sister and Mum live in the next town.
Creative hugs,

Lynn said...

Oh how I enjoyed taking this trip with you! I can so relate to the "aging hippie in me" (my words not yours,as I am more aged than you! ;-) so love love the clothing choices! Beautiful photos all.

A rambling rose said...

I loved reading this post Ro as I stayed in Merimbula on my way down to Melbourne - I did the boardwalk several times - beach combed and went to that shop and the great cafes! I didn't see whales though - I was there in January so they had already passed by - its a wonderful coastline! I so miss OZ and all you lovely Aussies that I met on my travels

azirca said...

That beach getaway looks just perfect. The meandering boardwalk is fabulous as are you in your purple purchases!

Elizabeth said...

What a fabulous week!! to sit and watch the whales- what a magical treat!! Love all of your photos and those little blue crabs look like jewels- well jewels with pinchers!! ha HA!!!
So glad to see what Australia has to offer- long to visit!!

ArtPropelled said...

That last photo is my favourite because it really gets me in the walking, gathering, holiday mood. Eyeing out that deck and dreaming of sitting there. Thanks for taking us along Ro.

Remantics said...

What a lovely looking holiday! I love all the photos.

lindacreates said...

What a wonderful vacation you had! I am sure you are energized from it. Thank you for sharing it with us.