Sunday, 27 January 2013

Another journal

I've almost completed another large journal. I've had an enquiry about it so I'm not sure if it will end up in my Etsy shop, I'll know in the next few days. I still have to stitch the signatures into the covers.
I was commissioned late last year to make a journal that I would call an 'Art Journal'. It didn't have any blank pages. Every page told a story and related to a particular person's life. All the pages in that journal were fabric. Lots of people ask if my journals are for using or if they are just to be kept as keepsakes.
All of my journals in the past have had pages that you can add to or sketch, write or journal in, including my latest one. I've been thinking though that I will also make a few 'Art Journals' for sale. Every page will be a piece of my art either on paper or fabric and they will vary in size, not sure if there will be any interest in them but I'll see what happens.

the front cover

side view

the front and back of the first signature

just a few of the pages

these two fabric pages still have to be stitched into the journal.

I've also added two new pairs of earrings to my Etsy

these are etched copper circles, with cut out shapes from an old Nestle tin, riveted to them

vintage pearl buttons and honey calcite beads

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Samantha Marshall said...

So beautiful Ro! I love this journal.x

Francien said...

Wow...This is a stunning journal your work!!
greetings Francien

Heather said...

Love the ear-rings and the journal is just full of gorgeousness, as we have now come to expect. It's stunning.

ArtPropelled said...

Initially I think I would worry about writing in such a beautiful journal for fear of spoiling it but on the other hand, how wonderful to start one's day opening such a gorgeous journal and adding one's own thoughts to it. I would imagine it would set the tone for a glorious day.

Lynn said...

I can see the love of your creativity all over the journal, it is beautiful . I don't wear earrings but they are very pretty :)

audrey said...

Each journal keeps getting more beautiful, Ro. Your work is stunning!
I love looking through them and it would be a joy to be able to touch those beautiful pages.

softearthart said...

Real cool,

cheers Marie

Debi Minter said...

This is one of your most beautiful Ro!! I adore it! I agree with ArtPropelled, it would be a joy to open this every morning and be inspired... to just turn pages, or to add my own inspiration to it!!! Your work, your journals, and your jewelry is just simply wonderful!

Maggi said...

Lovely earrings and the journal is, of course, gorgeous. I'm sure that people would go for an art sty le journal as well.

Clare Wassermann said...

Ye Gods your journal makes me melt it's so stunning xxxxx

Julie said...

The earrings are beautiful and I'm sure too Art Journals would fly!

Jen xo said...

oh such a lovely journal ro and im loving the earrings you are making...

suziqu's thread works said...

That is such a beautiful journal Ro.
The colours somehow look slightly on the more subdued side (that's just to my eyes!) and I find it really appealing.
I think if people love your journals then they usually like them with or without blank pages for journalling - at least that is what I found.
Yes first fires - and Oh so close to home - within 300 metres - far too scary!
And now floods up north and, you know what? I think you and I are going to miss any needed rain sadly!!!
But I'll continue to do a rain dance daily until it comes!
x Suzy

kaiteM said...

I love that front cover, truly inspiring.

Seth said...

I always love to see your journals. They are all such bundles of color!

sharon young said...

What a beautiful journal, love the pages you've included for making notes etc. your earrings are gorgeous as usual.

kisekileia said...

Your journals are so lovely as they are that I'm not sure I would want to write in one. I think of them more as "books of pretty."