Monday, 12 January 2009

Workshop number two for 2009

I'm off to a busy start for the year, I've held two workshops at home already. I hope to have at least one a month if I can manage it. I'll be working out a schedule within the next couple of weeks, meanwhile Sunday's decorated paper and journal workshop was great. I've been very lucky all the ladies, who have attended my classes, have been wonderful
Here they are.

The group getting started above and below showing their completed journals.





The birthday girl Patsy. Patsy was so busy decorating her papers, she didn't quite finish her journal.




By the way check out Janette's blog if you want to see some great colour and knitting. Janette's a lady after my own heart.


lindacreates said...

Ro, you are amazing! Workshops, beautiful jewelry, gorgeous papers, and a full time job! I wish I lived closer and I would be there in your lovely home taking a class!

Janette Kearns Wilson said...

Ro loved the pictures of the workshop, the only problem was I wasn't THERE!!!! I know Nola and Patsy looks as much fun as last time.
Thanks for the encouragement to SPEND!! (I did) and I am enamoured of the embellisher. Will post some photos of todays adventure soon

Chrisy said...

You're an inspiration girl...most people are still in vacation mode!...although all your girls look as if they're having lots of fun playing together!

Jeane said...

Ro - okay, so could these women look any happier - this is so wonderful what you are doing - guiding people to an inner creative place that gives such joy! rah!

Steph said...

Woww cool! Where are all the jumpers and scarves and hats ? Why are all those people wearing t-shirts! ;) Wish I was there! LOve the completed necklace!

Nic Hohn said...

Go for it Ro! Beautiful journals your students are producing.

Miriam said...

great workshop pictures, sounds like Jan and co had another fantastic class yet again!i would love to take a class with you and look forward to seeing the schedule :)

rivergardenstudio said...

What a great group of students! I love their art and their happiness! Roxanne

femminismo said...

I adore the flower stamp - like a huge sunflower. I worry about Judith's clothes getting colored, but perhaps it's an old top. (I'm so messy I have to wear an apron.) Did you all talk "Aussie"? All the papers look lovely and the ribbon they're stitched or tied up with is wonderful! Too fun!! - jeanne in oregon

Dot said...

I love seeing the photo's of your happy students (love the photo of birthday girl Patti!).

And it is lovely seeing the greenery from your garden in the background of some of the photo's too!

The necklace you made for Jacky is stunning Ro - I look forward to seeing it in person. You do such gorgeous work.

Dot xx

Jen Crossley said...

Your students work looks awesome Ro and thats due to you being an amazing and talented teacher

Jane Eileen said...

If I lived in Australia, I'd be there in a hot second. Maybe we will be lucky enough to have you teach in the US some day! Thanks for being so inspiring.

Joy Logan said...

Oh that would have been a fun class! Love making my own stamps. I am stopping by to say hi it's been awhile and I am busy having doctors visits lately to try to take care of me for a change,lol.