Monday, 26 November 2012

Felting, dyeing, journal making

It's been an extremely busy November this year. I held my fabric journal workshop which was over two Saturdays. Prepared submissions for workshops next year at different venues. Had a day with Elizabeth felt making and another day with her visiting two lovely art and craft venues on the peninsula, as well as completing a journal commission that consisted of all fabric pages. The journal actually covered a series of events in someone's life. It was quite a challenge but one I enjoyed. In between all of that I managed to get a little more eco dyeing done, pushing colours to the limits again.
I even burnt some bundles in one pot after I let it boil dry. I had to peel the bundles off the bottom of the pot. Someone suggested I could turn the burnt spots into a feature, I'll have to see.

this is the wools, silks and fabrics ready for felting 

the finished piece, I think I'll add lots of stitching, it will probably end up as journal covers.

this is another piece waiting, you can just see a butterfly under the wool at the bottom

it became the covers for the commissioned journal, I hope to be able to show you more once the client has gifted it to a friend.

I still like the more subtle shades - this is a detail of the full piece below

The full length of the piece above

but when I achieve colour like this my heart sings

this is much more blue teal with lovely red splodges

this is also more intense than the photo shows

finally, one of the burnt offerings, the yellow is very intense as is the purple/pink

Thanks again for dropping buy and leaving your much appreciated comments. 


Heather said...

Your burnt offering is stunning - hope it didn't do too much damage when the pot boiled dry.
The felted piece is gorgeous as is the journal cover. The person it's going to is one lucky lady - what a wonderful gift.

sharon young said...

I just love this eco dying the colours and abstract patterns you're achieving are really beautiful.

Robin Kalinich said...

Gorgeous, as always! You're an inspiration!

Stephanie said...

The depth of color in these pieces is just wonderful!

I also used to use natural dyes on another life as a textile artist...and LOVE the effects you all got with the vegetables. So many wonderful things to dive into and so little time :)

Linda said...

Oh I just love everything so much totally inspire me Ro.
Thank you.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Heart pounding beautiful new dying...creating lovely yellows!

Jacky said...

I love the burnt offering .... definately a statement piece Ro!

You've been so busy....felting, out and about, journal making and you still had time for more eco-dyeing!!!

wonderful Ro.

Jacky xox

Rosie said...

I love it ALL but the burnt piece has something rather special! Serendipity.

artymess said...

gorgeous colours ......thanks for comment about Georgie much appreciated ....xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful felting and another stunning journal. I love the colours that you are getting in your eco dyeing in this and the last post

Lorraine said...

beautiful work