Thursday, 29 March 2007

Charm Swap

I've finished my bracelet from all the charms I received in Dawn Seller's charm swap. We each made 25 charms and sent them to Dawn, she did a fantastic job of distributing them as there were 111 of us in the swap.
I've made the bracelet so that I can add a chain at either end and turn it into a necklace. Thanks everyone for your charms, they're lovely.
Visit Dawn's site and see her magnificent necklace, she made enough charms to swap with everyone.


inventivesoul said...

Very cool bracelet Ro.
I love the wire work.

I see one of my charms is on there, the "Life" riveted snap at the top right.

I LOVED making it!
Thank you for sharing a picture!!!

Best wishes,
Amber Dawn

Nancy Hunt-Bartek said...

I love the bracelet. Very cool.
fondly, Nancy

Lenna said...

Ro, your bracelet/necklace is beautiful! I was in this swap too but have not turned all the charms into something wear-able yet. Thank you for the inspiration!


Megan Pickwell said...

Ro, very impressive Nina Knots - the braclet looks wonderful.

Ev said...

What an amazing collection of charms - I am visiting with Dawn on her blog now to get a better look. It looks fantastic as a bracelet and aren't you glad you leart the Nina knot LOL

primdollie said...

this rocks!!!!!! It's magnificent!!! and the bracelet too of course!!!!! have one I need to make and am thinking like your links way better that the ones i was thinking of!! may have to try this!! will see!! Hugs Linda

Still Waters Studio said...

What type of wire did you use for your Nina knots? Also, did you age them with liver of sulphur? It looks beautiful.
Sherry said...

Oh how wonderful, love the charms! I need to get a group of charmers together, great idea.

Marie C said...

Gorgeous work - just love the variety and the knots are perfect of course! :)

Still Waters Studio said...

I think I have some of that wire. I will try that technique of scouring off the black.

Jo Wholohan said...

This is fantastic Ro!!!!!
Dont they all look so yummy all together like that :))

Have you ever worked with Mica??
trying to buy some here in oz, thought id ask while i was in touch

Dawn Sellers said...

Ro - love what you've done with the charms. As always, your work is fantastic.

Dotee said...

This is beautiful Ro. The charms look so lovely together. These charm swaps are a great way of owning art by other artists aren't they?
I have taken part in 3 charm swaps so far and love wearing art that is so international :)

Kim Carney said...

I really want one of those lovely bracelets ... have some charms ... but need MORE ;)