Sunday, 9 December 2007

More decorated papers for Etsy

These are more decorated paper packs that I'll be putting on my Etsy store tonight. They feature ten hand decorated papers and five laser prints of my artwork and papers. Each pack comes with a bonus pack of small off cuts of my papers.
This is pack one above.

This is pack two, it has different laser prints. It also shows the bonus papers at the top.

These are typical of the hand decorated papers in the packs, no two are alike. The papers are suitable for card and journal making, for ATC backgrounds or for altered books, or wherever else you might like to use them.
Hope you can visit my store.


sharon young said...

Hi Ro
What a super collection and perfect for all sorts of lovely projects. A friend of mine always sends little notes on the back of her scraps that she has left after experimenting and it's so nice to receive these mini works of art.
Many thanks for your comment on my post, your brown paper technique sounds great, will have to try that one.

femminismo said...

Thanks for your comment on my page after I attended Judy Wise's class.
Your work is stunning! I am now adding you to my "hot buttons" along the top of my computer screen.

~Izabella said...


it's always such a joy to come over here & visit your pages, always so bright & cheery, full of inspirations!! your work amazes me~

loving those neckpieces in your etsy store!

xo ~Izabella

Regina (artsy_reg) said...

Ro, your papers are fab! Yummy images and colors!

Joanne said...

WOW Ro your papers are so beautiful! Good luck with your ETSY store, see you next workshop.

Iris H. said...

I love your collection !

It so beautiful!


Karen Cole said...

Beautiful collection of paper, Ro. Hope you are doing great with your shop.

Jen Crossley said...

Your papers are just beautiful Ro they should sell like hotcakes

Judy said...

Way to go Ro!!!

Cre8Tiva said...

i love them all...hugs, r

Elizabeth said...

These papers are so amazing!! i am on my way to Etsy now! I am so thrilled to think that I can use some of your papers! I will probably just paper my art space with them!!! Theya re that beautiful and inspiring!!!

Abby Creek Art said...

Yee gads...that paper is just beautiful, Ro. Makes me happy just looking at it!

Ann Christine Dennison said...

I bed these sell like wild fire!!!!
They are lovely, inspiring and perfect to use :-)

Mary lin Huskamp said...


Happy Holidays!

Becky Vigor said...

I'm going there now to see if there are any left!