Sunday 27 January 2008

In a good cause

I was asked by Monica if I would join a group of fellow bloggers to create a 2 inch square, decorated with paper, fabric whatever I had on hand. Most people have made at least one, these are my three. Monica is going to join up all the squares and make a doll and hopefully a quilt that will be sent to Art Doll Quarterly and then auctioned on Ebay. The proceeds will go to help fight breast cancer. There's still plenty of time to contribute. If you'd like to help please visit Monica's 'girl gone thread wild' blog

These are a pair of earrings I made from some vintage rhinestone and crystal pieces I had, they are on my Etsy store along with the pair below which feature very tiny lockets that actually open and have room for two images in each locket.

I was also invited by Seth from 'the altered page" blog along with many fellow artists to answer seven questions about art. Each day Seth is featuring the answers to one of the questions. It's interesting to read the amazing range of answers.

Gotta go now my dremel's calling.

Saturday 19 January 2008

Drawer fetish

I have to confess, I have this drawer fetish. My studio has a myriad of sets of drawers, wooden, metal, plastic, even cardboard.
The photos show my latest collection, they are very tiny, ideal for all my small elements and found objects. I started out with one set as they were very cheap in price and quality, but once I realized how useful they were I had to have more. For you Aussies and New Zealanders out there, I bought them at the Wharehouse, a chain that sells pretty much everything very cheap, the quality is not always brilliant though. These were originally $9.50 AU dollars, but I bought them on special for $2.50. Needles to say they are almost full of my little treasures.

I also have photos of my latest jewellery that I'll be adding to my Etsy store today

Here's a couple of photos of my jewellery desktop, the drops lined up are ready to be assembled into a new necklace. The other photo is typical of the things I collect, these are very, very old buttons. I've used a couple in the copper earrings above.

I thought it was about time I added some artwork as well as jewellery, which seems to have taken over my life at present.
Here's a page from my latest altered book, I'll probably add images to the pages later.

And finally, do I hear a cheer, this is a site I meant to mention on my last entry. They are trying to get like minded blogs from around the world out there. They contacted me and asked if I'd mind if they did an entry about my blog, to which I agreed. Here's the link Queen Kat's bloggers club They are doing a great job.

Sorry one last thing. Thanks to the lovely Judy Scott and the very talented Waltraud for both nominating me for 'You make my day' award
I would like to nominate all the blogs I visit on a daily basis, you're all wonderful artists and blogger friends. I promise I'll go now. See ya.

Saturday 12 January 2008

More jewellery on Etsy

I only have two more days then it's back to the grind of full time work again. Not happy Jan (the Aussies will know what I mean). I've been so busy making jewellery and my ABRR that I haven't had time for journaling, sigh, not that I'm complaining. I took lots of earrings and brooches to one of the galleries and came back with an order for three more necklaces, which was wonderful.
The brooches and earrings above are all available on my Etsy store . I've been working with hearts for a Valentine's theme. Must get back to it, the hours are slipping away.

Saturday 5 January 2008

Busy, busy

Happy New Year everyone. I hope you all have a happy, healthy, peaceful and art filled 2008.

This year has started out in the same busy fashion as usual. I've been replenishing my jewellery stocks for the two galleries where I sell my work. Above are a few things I have ready to send, I still have quite a few more to complete. The above pieces seem to have a vintage feel, when I start out I never plan a piece, I pick up an element and then go from there. I have four huge roll out drawers full of beads and found objects and lots of containers with gemstone beads. I let the objects direct me, it's amazing how I will have something sitting on my bench and it suddenly jumps out at me, even though I've over looked it on other occasions.

I was very happy to sell the necklace in my previous post on my Etsy store. Thank you for all the wonderful comments.

I still have another week off from work so I will be busy with more jewellery and working on my latest ABRR, this one will be sent on to the US. We start the overseas exchange of books this month, I'm really looking forward to seeing what you gals in the US have created, something wonderful by the looks of the sneak peaks on our blog.

We have been sweltering in Victoria with temperatures in the high 30's to low 40's, that's centigrade. In New South Wales and Queensland (the sunshine state), to our north, they are having floods, our daughter rang tonight, she can't get home due to the river near her flooding and blocking the roads. She's a ranger at a wildlife park on the Gold coast so she might have to spend the night with the animals.

Back to work for me now, it's nearly ten o'clock at night and it's still 35deg, very balmy.