Tuesday 18 December 2012

New Journal

I sold my last journal on Etsy and have been busy putting another one together. 
How my Journals evolve
It almost becomes an obsession, snipping fabric patches, matching colours, hand stitching and then finding papers with colours to compliment the fabrics. I usually spend a day just decorating the papers, this usually gives me enough pages for around four journals. I also make other pages from recycled books, hand made papers, cartridge or water colour papers that I've decorated, anything that might add interest. The journals seem to take on a mind of their own as I sew scraps shaped into trees or flowers. Old envelopes become backgrounds for my hand drawn graphics. Paint swatch names match colours and themes. Buttons adorn the pages, old dyed doilies become pages in their own right. Prints of my art are often stitched to fabric, broken jewellery may also find a place on a page, the layers just keep building up until they finally scream STOP .
The whole thing is then bound into a cover which I've also created from fabric or my hand made felt, they are then ready to go out into the world and take on someone else's creative process. 

Gosh I've rabbited on a bit.

this page is all hand stitched

hand dyed fabric, lace and doily.

decorated papers, hand drawn graphics on recycled envelopes

the cover in progress, the poppy seed head is sun printed and hand and machine stitched

the pages ready to be sewn into the cover when it's finished.
this journal will be a smaller one with a single signature

Again thanks for visiting and for your lovely comments. 
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A big THANK YOU in anticipation. 

Wishing you all a
Wonderful Festive Season
and please take care.

Monday 10 December 2012

New journal on Etsy

I've finally completed another journal which is now in my Etsy shop. This is slightly smaller dimension wise than my usual journals, hence the slightly cheaper price. It still has 120 pages in fabric and papers.
Following are just some of the pages.

the cover and spine

overall view

Thanks for visiting and for your encouragement re my up coming on-line workshop HERE

I hope all of your Christmas and Holiday plans are running smoothly. Back soon.

Friday 7 December 2012

On-Line class 21 SECRETS 2013

I'm really happy to announce that I'll be teaching an on-line class in 2013 in Connie's fabulous 21 SECRETS art journaling workshop. It's a great honour to join such a wonderful group of other teachers on this amazing journey.

Registration opens soon but if you click HERE you'll be able to find out who the teachers are. The class details will be coming soon.

I'd love you to join me and the others on this wonderful venture.

Wednesday 5 December 2012

Jewellery and journals

I've been busy adding some more things to my Etsy shop. Necklaces, felt brooches and another stamp. I'm also working on some smaller journals to add, hopefully by the weekend.

Our weather has been crazy of late, it reached 40deg C last Thursday, it's been 15deg C in the hills today with snow in the mountains, then it's going to be 37deg C on Saturday and 20deg C on Sunday, variety's certainly the spice of life, you have to be tough to live in Melbourne.

This necklace made from vintage fabric is in my Etsy now, it's so light to wear being fabric.

This one is in there too, it features hand drilled and eyeleted beach glass, it's very feminine.

Hand felted Lollipop tree brooch No. 1

Hand felted Lollipop tree brooch No 2

Hand felted Lollipop tree brooch No 3

These are all in my shop now.

I've also added another hand carved stamp

Above and below, fabric and paper pages waiting to be turned into smaller journals.

Thanks again for all of your lovely comments and for visiting my blog.
Happy creating.