Wednesday 29 April 2009

Drawer fetish continues

I think I've mentioned my drawer fetish before, well it's still festering along nicely. We have a particular chain of hardware stores here in Oz and I can't go in there of late without coming home with another set of must have drawers for my studio. They see me coming and race around and stick them in the front of the aisles, waiting for me to fall over them. I think if I acquire any more they'll have to hang from the ceiling.

This cute little set were begging me to take them home, pre-packed and waiting. My husband asks, 'where are you going to put them', as we approach the check out, I tell him I know just the spot, wondering the same question all the way home, I walk into my studio and voila, flashing lights and sirens going saying here, here, here. As you can see they're full already.

These were purchased two weeks ago and have pull out drawers similar to the types in old style grocery stores. They're plastic but that has the advantage of them being light, as mine always end up full of something.

This must have set came with a bench top and shelves underneath. The perfect place for the drill station. Speaking of drills, I had another tooth removed last night and I'm 'not happy Jan'. I don't know what's worse, the bruising from all of the injections or the pain from the gaping hole. I don't know how really elderly people cope having teeth extracted when it takes them so much longer to heal. At least I have my art to take my mind off it and Reiki to speed up the healing.

This beautiful Klimt doll and soap arrived from Jacky for my birthday. I love her dolls, they are even more beautiful in the flesh. Jacky had wrapped it in tissue and had used this ribbon that matched perfectly, the fabric, that Judy had given me, in my DJ journal. Jacky also gave me some beautiful hand made soaps and Dot, one of my students at the weekend, gave me a beautifully perfumed candle that matches the soaps. I'm a very lucky lady.

These three pages are from my journal, they are still on going at this stage.

Sunday 26 April 2009

Making more books

What a productive group of ladies attended my workshop on Saturday. They all went home with their books assembled and some pages decorated. I love teaching the workshops at home. Most of the people who attend know one or two people there, but because I have a maximum of eight, by the end of the class they all know each other. Some are returning students too which is always lovely. I feel I've made so many new friends from these workshops.

I have to thank my wonderful husband too, he does such a marvellous job of feeding everyone, he has the kitchen running like clockwork.

Sunday 19 April 2009


Wow, I've never had so many comments. Thank you so much to everyone who sent Birthday wishes and participated in my giveaway. I'm overwhelmed by the response. I'm sorry I couldn't get around to thank everyone, but your comments were very gratefully received. My actual birthday was last Wednesday the 15th. I decided as there were so many participants that I would have two giveaways. My husband had the responsibility of drawing the names. The winners are Candace and Kim. If you could email me ladies please with your addresses, I'll put them in the post. Thanks again everyone you're comments are very much appreciated.

On another note, I've heard some very sad news. JoAnnA from Mosshill studio blog has herself recently recovered from breast cancer. Her Mother died suddenly last year and now her husband has been diagnosed with a life threatening brain tumor, if he doesn't have an operation urgently, he will only survive for about a month. There is a link here if you can help financially, every little bit counts, or send your messages and prayers to JoAnnA.

Saturday 11 April 2009


I decide that as I'm turning the big 60 one day this coming week, I should have a giveaway to celebrate. I'm not sure how I feel about turning sixty, it makes me realize there are so many things I still have to create, so I need to be around, functioning normally for at least another thirty years.

The giveaway consists of some of my decorated papers and laser prints of my work, a hand carved stamp, beads, fabric, ribbons, paper napkins, a collection of things that I use in my work.
If you want to be in the draw just leave a comment and I'll get my dear husband to select the winner on the 19th of April.

In the mean time here's some photos of what I've been up to this week, as well as working on some jewellery. This paper is a piece that I made after watching Anne Bagby's dvd. Anne's work is amazing. She also carves her own stamps and makes the most magnificent papers for her collages. I now have to work out a way that I can use her techniques without actually copying what she does.

These are more pages from my DJ journal. They rabbit in the 'blue' page was part of a postcard that DJ gave us in the class. The paper it's attached to is actually a tea bag that I stamped with the base of a biscuit container to give me the blue circles.
The last two photos are backgrounds waiting for attention.

Sunday 5 April 2009

Journal and stamps

As usual I'm working on a dozen things at a time. Can't seem to help myself. I'm also making kits for an upcoming vintage book workshop I'm teaching from home. I haven't mentioned it on my blog as the class filled in two days. I've been very lucky with classes having such wonderful, enthusiastic students, keen to take on new challenges.

The photos below are of my new journal inspired by DJ's class. I've used my hand decorated papers, pieces of art and some of the fabrics I found in my treasure bag from my previous post.

Some of the papers are decorated with the new stamps that I've added to my Etsy site. I always do a few test runs before I sell them to make sure I'm happy with them.

This is something I did in Photoshop. I stamped the individual stamps onto separate pieces of paper, then scanned them into my computer. I them converted them into brushes and created different sizes. This is the result. I've printed a smaller one and added it to the journal. This is another way you can use your stamps.

Here are some button and fabric kits I've added to Etsy

These are my new stamps that I've tested on some of the journal pages above. They are now available on my Etsy. I've reduced the price of my existing stamps on etsy as the Aussie dollar is so low now, this makes them a bit more affordable to my Australian customers.