Sunday 24 August 2008

Stamps and paintings

This is another canvas collage I've just completed. I cut the flowers from two different pieces of my decorated papers. There's lots of layers built up on the canvas first. I never know what the finished piece will end up like. I just keep building the layers to see where it takes me. I think it's finished now, maybe.

I'm making an altered book to see how that goes in the exhibition. It's funny when I make one for myself it just happens, but when it's for someone else it never flows easily, maybe it's trying to create for someone else.

These are some Indian wooden blocks I bought just recently. The are very difficult to use with stamp pads. This is where the 'blue blocks' come in handy. I heated one up and used the blocks on both sides. One block gives you two stamps.
I used paint to stamp with this block.

I used stamp pads with the blue blocks.

This is the results of the painted wood block and the two below are the results of the reversed images on the blue blocks, used with a stamp pad.

Sunday 17 August 2008

Paste papers

A few people have asked me over the past few months if I've ever made paste papers, never one to knock back a challenge, I decided to give it a try. The recipe I had called for three parts water to one part flour. You mix the water and flour together so that there are no lumps, then gently heat it in a saucepan on the hot plate until it thickens, being careful not to let it burn.

Well, I thought, I'm sure I can do this easier than that. So, I mixed cornflour with the water and cooked it in the microwave for one minute, stirred it, then cooked it for another minute, voila, flour paste.

I then added three different colours of acrylic paints, applied it to the paper with a brush and then gave it some texture with cardboard tubes, wooden skewers, anything that was on my table top. These are the results. It takes at least twenty four hours to dry completely.

You can keep any that's left over in the fridge for a few days. I added a few drops of water to it as I worked to keep it to the consistency of thick paint.

I also managed to squeeze in some time to finish this 'chunky' necklace. I now have to get back to finishing the invitations for the show, by the way you're all invited to the opening night.

Tuesday 12 August 2008

Bits and bobs

I'm making a new journal out of recycled manila folders and the green heavy card folders that are used in metal filling cabinets. I've cut them to size but have to assemble them. I'm not sure if I will spiral bind them or come up with some other process. The black lacy background is actually a paper napkin, it looks so much like lace and even has a texture to it. The pink rectangle is the inside of an envelope and the Lulu/Diva 1 is a paint swatch. The flowers are cut out of my decorated paper scraps.

This necklace is made from found objects.

The close up bead is one I made from Polymer clay and an old washer. I bought some old African beads many years ago and couldn't find anymore so thought I'd have a go at making some. I was quite pleased with the results.

I cut a hole in a metal tag, then cut up an old wooden carpenter's ruler. I riveted the metal to the ruler.

Finally this is one of the pastel paintings for my exhibition, I'll have pastel and acrylic paintings in the show, it's just a case of getting them finished and framed.

I also have to thank Toni for nominating me for the Arty Pico award again. I again thank everyone for their awards.

Don't forget to visit Monica's site for the Pink Artist fabulous doll competition to support breast cancer. Thats' open until the 15th October.

Tuesday 5 August 2008

Pins and Pages

These are some pins I've made for my exhibition, I still have to add text to the panel in the smaller one. I'm always looking for new things that I can utilize in my jewellery. These metal plates are usually used in book art but I like to work outside the square.

The papers above are ready to be decorated for my paper packs on Etsy and also for my journals. There are so many stages to go through before they are finished.

Theses are pages waiting to be assembled into the journal covers in my earlier post. I'm making two quite large journals with lots of pages and artwork.

Thanks also to Fannie for nominating me for the two awards that are in my side bar, it's very humbling to receive them again. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to visit, I feel I've made so many new friends and acquaintances since I started blogging and I've received so much inspiration from visiting your sites in return. Thanks everyone.