Monday 27 August 2012

Stamps on Etsy

I've finally got around to posting these new stamps in my Etsy shop. I made them a couple of weeks ago but taking photos and then processing them takes up quite a chunk of time. I hope to list some necklaces shortly.

and another page in my journal

I'm really enjoying working in this journal. It sits on my desk and I add paper, paint, stamping, whatever is on my desk when I walk past. It usually talks the whole day to complete spending a couple of minutes here and there. This is really no stress art.

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Wednesday 22 August 2012

Latest journal

I've just completed my latest journal, this one was another commission. The next one I make will go into my Etsy shop. We had lovely weather today, a nice sunny 21deg C, roll on summer. The parrots were in a frenzy when I put seed in the bird feeder, see the last photo.

the cover - it's a piece of my felt with stitching added

I use wooden coffee stirrers to mix my paints then I can't bear to throw them out, so they end up in my journals. I'm amazed my Bernina actually stitched through them, (I found that out by accident, but that's another story), previously I've laboriously drilled holes in them then stitched them together by hand.

I stitched some off cuts of my decorated papers together to make a page.

hand made paper from India with a fabric page opposite.

paint, stamps and doodling

painted paper towel on the left, blossoms painted on brown paper on the right

I set up a collection of buttons onto my scanner bed, scanned them in then took the image into Photoshop and added filters, this was the result. I've used it in so many projects, I often change the colour with hue and saturation.

an old book spine and clothing label on the left page, a flower made from a disposable plastic plate, which had been my paint palette, on the right page

more paper off cuts stitched together.

the bird on the left is a king parrot, the one on the right, waiting his turn is a crimson rosella, there were at least half a dozen more in the camellia bush waiting in the pecking order.

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I hope to have some more stamps and some necklaces in my Etsy over the weekend.

Monday 13 August 2012

Collage, Patsy and Daffodils

This post is a bit of a mixed bag. I have added a couple more photos of my daily journal. Also my friend Patsy has a solo exhibition happening at the Beaumaris Art Group studios at present. I managed to get some photos before the opening. Patsy creates fabulous paintings, repurposed coats, bags, textile paintings, books and jewellery all with Patsy's style stamped all over them.

one of my collage and painted pages, I love working in layers

I started this and wasn't that happy with it so.......

I did this and was much happier, it may not be finished yet, who knows

Patsy infront of a couple of her paintings. The paintings are behind perspex so they don't show up as well as in real life.

This painting is gorgeous, it's all turquoise and green shades, again the photo doesn't do it justice.

textile pictures and painted tiles.

one of Patsy's repurposed coats and some textile paintings.

more coats and bags

Patsy's invitation

The house I grew up in, in England was surrounded by fields of daffodils, my favourite flower. The photo above is about ten minutes away from where I live, now in Australia, and it's a thrill every year to visit the site.

This is the view from part of the farm.

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Catch up soon.

Tuesday 7 August 2012

Daily Journal

I've been very busy recently doing work, work, that is I've been working from home doing my graphics job. It's lovely to be able to keep my 'hand' in and work from home, but I haven't had a lot of time to do art. I decided to start another journal that I can spend half an hour, each day, to paint, do collage, whatever. Most of the pages are collaged from scraps of paper on my desk, background papers that I test my hand made stamps on, anything's fair game.

this one's painted and stamped using my hand carved stamps

tissue paper that I had between my pages has been stamped etc.

more collaging, painting, stamping, the circles are made using a roller stamp I created from a toilet roll middle, with cut out foam shapes glued to it, this is then slipped over a standard painter's foam roller. I then painted the seed pods and added the text

these were scraps of commercial papers torn into rectangles then stamped over, again using my carved stamps

I'm really enjoying the spontaneity of this book, there's no pressure or deadlines.

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Wednesday 1 August 2012


Last Saturday I had a lovely group of students attend my More Altered Books workshop. The idea was to create a book that could be used as a sketch book, journal, photo album or whatever your imagination desires. The course involves building up lots of layers with paints, papers, stamping, words etc. Here's the results.









As you can see they all created fabulous work and each one so different.

The group

I couldn't resist adding this photo. My husband got up to make a cup of tea Sunday morning and look who took over his side of the bed. He sleeps in the laundry at night, (Charlie, not my husband), so he thinks it's a treat to get on the bed, it's the first time he actually got in it.

A right little Charlie.

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