Monday 23 August 2010

Jewellery for a change

I've been busy making necklaces these past few days, again for the Art festival in a couple of weeks. Now it's back to the journals. I have to alternate between the two, this way I don't end up with lots of one thing and nothing of another.

This was an old key plate, I cut a piece of copper the same size for the back, added an image to the copper and mica to the key hole. I then made brass spacers between the two and riveted them together. I thought the old key would be appropriate to add. There's one of my fabric beads and a piece of china that I soldered.

This one has a bezel with a very old ad for a movie, 'Edison the Man', I found the ad in the vey old newspaper that the necklace has been photographed on. I've added balls of silver solder, some blue metallic thread and some ancient metal glitter to the resin. I thought it would be appropriate to add a light globe as well.

This one's an eclectic mix of drilled beach glass, more soldered china and my fabric beads. The ring that it's all suspended from is part of a lamp fitting. Not sure what part but I bought it and a few others from a lead lighting shop.

Sunday 15 August 2010

More journals

I've been so busy getting ready for an Art Fest in Beaumaris, where I've had the proud honour, along with some very talented artists, to give a demonstration of decorated papers and jewellery making. I'm also able to sell my wares, hence the rush making journals and jewellery. Today was necklace making but I'll post the photos next week. The Festival in on the 4th and 5th of September. I'll be there on the 5th.

This is the cover of my latest journal, it has my felt stitched circles turned into 'lollipop trees'. These trees seem to appear in all of my art from painting to stitching. I started using this shape, years ago when I began painting in pastel, it seems to have progressed to my collage work and journals. 

This is the journal side on showing the pages, there's lots of fabric and decorated papers inside. This has the most pages to date. They just keep getting bigger.

These two photos are details showing the felt and stitched trees.

This is the first fabric page of my next journal, the photo doesn't really show the depth of colour, it's vibrant with lots of beading, stitching and my favourite sari silks.

The heart was cut out from a plastic cup that I'd used to mix a variety of blue and metallic paints when I made my decorated papers last week. The colours just shone on the side of the cup, so out came the scissors and there you have it.

Another close up, the lace doilies to the left were from my hand dyed collection.

Not all of my op shop broken jewellery finds end up in my necklaces, they've started to appear in my journals of late.

I've hand stitched lots of beads to this side of the page.

One of my favourite fabrics, sari silk, they are so luscious and vibrant.

More to come later.

Wednesday 4 August 2010

Papers, yarns and Patsy

I spent all day Sunday decorating papers ready for some new journals. I love the process but it's very time consuming. I build up so many layers of paint and then decorate them with stamping, more painting and doodles. Below are the beginning stages of some of the sheets.

I've also been making and adding tags to my latest journal.

Sometimes I buy balls of wool that have more than one type yarn in them. I like to separate them for different projects. I decided to wind the yarns onto a cardboard roll from inside the plastic wrap, I then tied some string to a small piece of bamboo skewer, dropped this down the centre of the roll and spread it out at the base. I then tied a knot into the top of the string and hung it on a hook with all of my other silks and ribbons. Instant colour and easy access.

I visited my friend Patsy last week and as usual came away so inspired. Patsy is hand stitching a beautiful quilt from some of her fabric scraps, Patsy, like me, so loves colour. She also makes wonderful bags, custom orders or off the shelf.

One of Patsy's fabulous bags

Below is Patsy's latest painting, her works are quite large. I love the people in the centres of the flowers.
It makes me want to get my paints out.