Monday 28 July 2008

This and That

I've been busy making more necklaces and decorating paper for journals. I've combined the two in these photos. I still have to finish decorating the papers, I'll being adding more stamped images. I had a bit of a clean up in my studio over the weekend so that I could at least see the bench top, I don't know how long it will last.

This little chap was in a tree near our deck, he/she has made a nest on top of a cupboard on our verandah. It usually spends the day there and then comes out at night, but for some reason it decided to check out the garden in day light.
The ring tail possums are such beautiful little creatures and not as large or as noisy as their brush tail cousins.

Monday 21 July 2008


I'm back into colour mode again, not that I ever really left it. Doing the vintage book was a slight diversion. The above images are covers for signatures for journals I'm making as part of my exhibition. The show is called 'The Works' which aptly describes it. Patsy and I both have a diverse range of things we create. I paint with pastels but will also have some collage and mixed media paintings. I will have lots of jewellery. I'll also be selling some of my journals. Patsy does fabulous acrylic paintings but she will also have some magnificent bags she's made, some divine directors chairs she's painted and also some journals. Patsy is a friend of actress Beverley Dunn, you Aussies may know her from Bellbird fame, but she's also been in many other TV shows and is regularly on the stage and guess what, she's opening the exhibition for us, what a thrill.

This is the finished collage I had in my earlier post. I've now added my 'lollipop trees. This will have a mount and a simple black frame.

I can't believe I've been nominated once more for this award from Dneese

and this one from Sam

Thank you so much ladies it's a lovely honour. I always find it hard to nominate other blogs as I have so many I love. Way more than the seven suggested, so I nominate you ALL.

I'd like to thank everyone who comments on my blog and to the people who don't have a blog link or email address. I try to send a thank you or leave a comment to everyone who takes the time and effort to visit but I can't always find you. To everyone thanks so much for visiting I really appreciate it. I've made so many new friends across this wonderful world of ours.

Monday 14 July 2008

Another great group

I met another wonderful group of ladies in my Altered book workshop over the weekend. It never ceases to amaze me how they all learn the same techniques but their work ends up so individual.
The class was in a lovely venue organised by Marg Byrne
and her sister Kathy Thompson. The two of them worked tirelessly during the day keeping everything running smoothly. Kathy created a fabulous lunch for us all. Thanks again ladies.


Visit Marg's blog to see more of her wonderful pages









I'm sorry ladies I didn't get links to your blogs. If you have one and want to email me I can add them.


I've been the lucky recipient of two awards.

This one from Kate and Roxanne

This one also from Roxanne

Thanks ladies for your awards and kindness, it's much appreciated.
I nominate all of those lovely people who visit my blog and leave comments.

Wednesday 9 July 2008

Stuff everywhere

My studio is in it's usual state of chaos. I have an altered book workshop coming up this Sunday. I'm also working like crazy on my preparations for my up coming exhibition here. I usually have at least half a dozen projects on the go at once, that way I don't get bored.
I love the feeling of stepping into my studio after a day at work and just being able to let go. It's winter here and the last two days have been very cold, for us anyway. It's lovely and cosy in my studio at night, the curtains are closed, the heaters going and the lights are glowing, pure bliss.

This is the background to a collage I'm making. It will have my lollipop trees and crazy sheep added.

This is the first layer of some background paper that will be cut up to make a journal.

My decorated papers waiting to be turned into more collages.

My kits ready for assembling for my Sunday workshop. Each one of these has one of my carved stamps added to it.

Finally this is a collection of necklaces lined up waiting to have hand wired hooks and rings added to them.

Now back to the paint pots.

Wednesday 2 July 2008

Photoshop filters

This is the scanned image.

I applied the watercolour paper filter and ended up with this.

This uses the note pad filter.

And this one's the photocopy filter

I've been playing around with some photo shop filters on a scanned image of some of my decorated papers. The papers are typical of the ones I sell on my etsy store. I scanned them into Photoshop and created a patchwork, then added filters to create these images. It's amazing what an individual filter can do. I use Photoshop everyday in my work, but very rarely get time to just play.