Sunday 24 May 2009


These photos are part of the cover of my junk journal. I started out using a technique I learnt in DJ's class, but then added my own twist to it.

This page was made from the scraps I found on the floor after my last vintage workshop, except for the elephants and elephant ribbon, they came from Patsy.

Two more pages from my journal, using paint, napkins, branded tissue paper from a shop and a black Sharpie.

I received a fabulous package of goodies from Judy on Friday, you should visit her Etsy she has some wonderful things.
Great for art or jewellery making.

Friday 15 May 2009

Stamps and stuff

I've been busy carving stamps and organizing classes, the brooch class is now full.
I'm really pleased with the stamp below, it's a repeat design that uses a motif often seen in Indian style fabrics. It can be used as it is singly or continuous. I used it with acrylic paint on sheer fabric. This is something I haven't done very often but will be great in my fabric/paper journals.

Theses stamps are all available on my etsy store.

This one is pansies and can be used in either direction to extend the design.

I can't seem to keep away from the poppy seed head, this is one of my favourite designs, they are always different as I draw directly onto the carving block.

I like the houses too as they can be repeated right across the page.

I've also been busy making jewellery over the past few weeks. This necklace is now living with Jacky, the lovely lady who makes the fabulous Klimt dolls.
Jacky loves working with fabrics so I made a little book from fabric and added the word 'textile' behind mica in the metal centre piece.

The necklace below was a commission from lovely Linda I showed some of it in an earlier post, it's now winging it's way to the US. I've called it a 'stitch in time' as it relates to all things sewing.

Monday 11 May 2009

Amazing Cake

This birthday has been the longest I've ever had. My daughter gave me a family party on Saturday night, the whole family were there including my step daughter who flew down from Queensland after she finished work.
My darling husband had this most amazing cake made for me. He took photos of one of my journals I had made and this local company made a beautiful mud cake then decorated it with edible ink. It matches my journal completely right down to the icing buttons and fabric. I think the top must have been digitally printed.

This is the journal

and this is the cake. The photo below shows the size compared to my hand, it was huge and delicious.

I'll be holding a brooch workshop from my home on the 20th June. The photo below shows the style, but you can chose from silver or brass and any colour combination of beads etc. If you're interested in attending please email me for details, my email address is in my side bar.

I'll also be holding a junk journal workshop from home in July. The photos below are various stages of the one I'm working in.
The journal is made from old envelopes, catalogues, junk mail, manilla folders, photo copies, anything to want to recycle. The class will include assembling the journal and making and binding it into the cover and techniques to decorate the pages when the journal's assembled. Again, if you're interested in attending please email me for details, I will be sending out emails to the people on my mailing list.

This page isn't finished yet, the girl was from a catalogue page, I still have to finish her face and arms. She was originally blonde, wearing a white dress.

I bought this lovely metal pot for my sister for her birthday but couldn't resist taking a photo of it next to the tulips. When I downloaded the photo I realised it made quite a nice image with our living area and kitchen in the background. I also took a rubbing of the pot before I wrapped it.

Sunday 3 May 2009


I've been part of a project, with over one hundred participants from all over the world, run by Seth from The Altered Page blog. The project was to make a bundle of papers, fabric or whatever and hang it, bury it or attach it to a wall as long as it was exposed to the elements. We would then all check our bundles on the first of May and report our findings.
I've come to the conclusion that rain seems to be the major contributor to the disintegration, hence the very little change in my bundle. My little parcel has suffered extreme heat, 47deg C 116 deg F, smoke from bush fires, major winds, even an earthquake, but very little rain.
I've decided to re-bundle it and have added some rusty washers. I will leave it out for another few weeks. On August the first there will be the reveal of another exciting part of the project.

Below are some of my photos unveiling the results.

I even had a little visitor in my package.

This is now waiting for some much needed rain.

The drawer saga continues. I visited my elderly parents today and we have here in Australia what's called a 'hard rubbish' collection. People leave things that they can't easily dispose of out on their grass verge and the council collect it later. This has become a popular pastime for 'collectors' to go and check out other peoples rubbish.
Well imagine my surprise when I sailed past a set of old metal cabinet drawers, I couldn't stop as I had traffic around me. I thought if they're there on the way home they're mine. Guess what, on the way home they had multiplied and there was another set right next to them. I excitedly bundled them into the car and did a quick 'uey', (turned the car around). When I was facing toward home I noticed the owner coming up his driveway with his wheelbarrow, ohhh should I wait and see what else he was getting rid of, I thought better of it as I knew I would have to explain what I was going to do with another set of drawers when I arrived home.
My dear darling, rolled his eyes and shook his head when I started to unload the car. Little did I know that some of the drawers contained 'treasure'. As I cleaned them out and dusted them off I began to wonder about the previous owner, there were golf tees, old pen nibs, paint brushes, a fabulous compression tester, I think that's what hubby called it, saying it could be quite useful, the eyes aren't rolling now.
I imagine Judy would have found enough information from these drawers to create a wonderful story about the guy.

I found just enough room under one of my benches, the exact measurement of the space was the same as the drawers, they were meant to be mine. Needless to say, they are almost full already.

Finally I am adding more decorated papers and a necklace I've just completed to my Etsy store