Monday 22 October 2012

New stamps on Etsy

I've finally added some new stamps to my Etsy shop. I hope to list some hand made fabric collage cards this week too.


This is little Charlie, my how he's grown and such a mop of fur.

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Tuesday 9 October 2012

Journal completed

I mentioned in my last post that I'd almost completed a journal to go in my Etsy shop. Well it's now completed and I'm delighted that it will be winging it's way to Maggi in the UK. I will be working on another one shortly to go in my EtsyThank you Maggi. I'm so glad my journals sell as I love making them and each sale gives me the challenge to keep going.

Here's some photos of the journal.

the cover

the spine

side view

I always add little sketches that I draw on the inside of envelopes, I love the way the patterns on the envelopes show through the drawings.

fabric page with hand dyed doily

another fabric page

I always add semi blank pages now so that the owner can do their own thing

I still have to add the occasional graphic though

as well as prints of my artwork

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Monday 1 October 2012


I'm back full swing into creating fabric pages for my next journal going into my Etsy shop. I taught a two day fabric journal workshop over the past two Saturdays and have really been inspired by what the wonderful students created. The first Saturday we made the fabric pages and the cover, then last Saturday we created the papers and put the journal together, almost, we just ran out of time. There is so much work involved in creating one of these books. I'm hoping to get some photos to show you when I next catch up with the ladies. I'll be teaching this workshop again in November. I've managed to create a few more pages in my daily journal too.

this is one of the pages that will go into my latest journal. the bottle is cut out from a disposable plastic plate that I use for a paint palette, the label is a paint swatch that happened to be named 'pink gin'

daily journal flower page

daily journal - not sure what these are, they just evolved from the paint splodges on the page.

daily journal - seeds

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Happy Creating.