Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Happy Festive Season

It's a beautiful sunny Christmas morning here in Australia temperature expected to reach 31C. I'd like to thank everyone for your support during the year, I really do appreciate it. This Christmas won't be quite the same for us with the passing of my sister, but we have the birth of a new grandson to help us get through. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas or a Happy whatever it is you celebrate and please all stay safe.

7.30am view from our back deck Christmas morning

my work room last week

my work room last night ready for the celebrations

and thanks again, catch up soon

Friday, 13 December 2013

Published twice

I've had the very good fortune to receive two fabulous books this week that I've had work published in. The first one is by British textile artist and publisher Maggie Grey. I was very honoured to be included with five other artists in Maggie's latest book 'Approaches to Stitch', and what a fabulous book it is, I love all of the work by all of the artists, such a talented group.
I was also fortunate to be included in Seth Apter's latest book 'The Mixed Media Artist', too. These have been lovely highlights to the end of the year.

this is one of ten pages that feature my work

Seth's new book features a piece of my jewellery

Thank you again for visiting and for your lovely comments.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Happy arrival

We had some happy news this week. The arrival of another grandson, Logan Julian, (Julian after my sister Julie Anne). Another little artist to add to my clan. I now have another mural to paint on his bedroom wall.

I've also added another necklace to my Etsy shop. This one features some very old brass and metal buttons that I've hand beaten to represent old coin relics. It's very light and comfortable to wear.

it also features a little wooden tiger

the beaten buttons

Thank you for visiting and for taking the time to comment, I really do appreciate it.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Journals and bags

I've added two of my hand made paper journals and another bag to my Etsy shop. 
Thank you Clare for purchasing my necklace, it will be heading to the UK this week.

There are fifty pages in total consisting of my decorated papers and water colour paper

some of the pages in this journal

the second journal

some of the pages in the second journal

the front of the bag

the back

the inside lining

this is a guatemalan worry doll stitched on the front

this is a stitched medallion from an Indian necklace.

Thank you all again for visiting and your kind words

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Thank you all again

Thank you everyone for your words of support, it really does help knowing there are people out there who have experienced a similar sort of loss and have got back on track with their lives. I have a wonderful brother and we talk a lot, this also helps knowing he shares the same feelings as I do.
I've started to list some things in my Etsy shop and hope to have more in the next few days. They take so long to photograph and list. Here are a few of the pieces. I will have more jewellery and bags as well as stamps soon.

the front

and detail, the buttons are polymer clay made by Sabine Spiesser

the back

the inside

one of my hand made necklaces, there are more photos in my shop

this one features an eclectic mix of repurposed elements

a brass key plate and brass flower form the centre piece.

I cut off and drilled, then added eyelets to a silver teaspoon handle
I also soldered and added an eyelet to a piece of vintage china
the long bead is one of my fabric beads
the owl has swarovski crystal eyes

I'll have more soon.

Thank you all once again, I really do appreciate your support.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Thank You

I'd like to thank you all for your kind words and prayers over the passing of my sister. We are slowly accepting that it's happened and that we have to go on. I went into my studio for the first time today and feel the need to get back to a routine. I've left some blank pages in my journal as I can't bring myself to write about it yet but I will when the time comes.

Below is the beautiful sunset at Watego beach, Byron Bay where we stayed, if only briefly. We will return in happier times.

Thanks everyone once again, I really appreciate all your support.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Family tragedy

We have had the most terrible week. My husband and I drove for three days to Byron Bay in northern New South Wales for a two week holiday. We had only been there for three days when my brother rang me at 2.00am Wednesday morning, to tell me the dreadful news, that my sister had died in tragic circumstances. Our world fell apart. We turned around and drove home again. We still can't believe it happened, she was only fifty five, way too young to die. Her husband is shattered as are we. She was the most loving and caring sister you could ever have. Life will never be the same again.

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Exhibition continues

We had a one off Wardrobe in the Garden exhibition last Sunday, but due to bad weather we had to move into the gallery at Lillico. Cathy, the owner has very kindly let us leave our things there for another two or three weeks, which is great, so if you're anywhere near Warragul in the next two weeks they would love to see you, there are some great things for sale, including lots of Patsy Worledge one off coats and bags as well as scarves and cuffs made by Dot .

part of my jewellery and bag display

a few of my bags.

Below is a king parrot who visited our bird feeder this morning.

Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comments, they are much appreciated.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Wardrobe in the Garden

We're having a mini exhibition on 
Sunday the 27th of October at 2.00pm at Lillico Glass Studio, 243 Lillico Road Warragul
The exhibition will be a part of Wardrobe in the Gardens in the beautiful gardens at the gallery
Coats, jewellery, bags, felted clothing, eco dyed garments are just  part of the goodies on display.
The Gallery is also conducting a High Tea

we'd love to see you there
a very big thanks to Jacky Williams for taking on the task of organising it for us

Thanks too for all of your comments and kind wishes in my last post, we are safe at present as we live in Victoria, New South Wales is our neighbouring state, there are no boundaries where fires are concerned, many of our fire fighters are in NSW helping, it's all hands on deck when disaster strikes our beloved country

Monday, 21 October 2013

It's on again

I'm not sure how many of you have been watching the news and if you even see it in other parts of the world, but Australia is under fire again, literally, this time in NSW. It's still only spring and New South Wales is having it's worst bush fires in decades. High temperatures, hot northerly winds and no rain are making conditions impossible for fire fighters to get the fires under control, they predict they could last for weeks. So many homes have been lost, fortunately there's been no loss of life to date, we can only hope that continues. If you are able to help the Salvos are doing a great job

More photos of the devastation can be seen here on the ABC's news website.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Torn between two loves - at least

Many years ago I used to dye wool and fabric  with natural dyes, gum leaves, onion skins etc. refusing to touch commercial 'colourful' dyes, but that was many years ago. Now I'm torn between the two I love the brilliant colours that can be achieved with the commercial dyes, but also love the thrill when I open a bundle of plant dyed silk. India Flint has mastered this art to perfection over the years and has named it Eco Dyeing, I like to call mine 'Pot Luck' as it does greatly depend on the pot you use and where the water came from. I've had a really bad flu bug this past two weeks and decided to spend Saturday over the eucalyptus dye pot. I'm not sure if it killed any bugs but it certainly helped clear my head. Following are the results.

these are the bundles after steaming

I couldn't wait for more than a day to open them, these are sections of the cloths. I left one unbundled.

these are some of the commercial dyed results, I even dyed some white buttons

I'll be cutting some of these fabrics, laces and doilies up and making colour packs like the ones below to add to my Etsy, as well as using them in current projects.

Finally, this is what I'm working on at present, it's a commissioned piece that will be a concertina book. I'm depicting Monet's garden for the background. There will be many layers.

the background fabric was all shades of green, I've coloured some of the flowers and added free motion leaves and willow branches. I still have to work on the bridge.

my dyed yellow buttons have become flowers, I still have lots more stitching, beading etc to add.

Thanks again for visiting and commenting, I'll try not to take so long before I post again.