Saturday 21 October 2017

I Don't Know Where The Past Few Months Went

The same old cliche, I don't know where the time went. The past few weeks and the next few coming up have and will have been the busiest I've had since I decided to retire and work for myself. I've been doing lots of teaching, planning new workshops and creating lots of paintings for my exhibition starting next weekend at Tog's Restaurant and Cafe in Castlemaine, in Victoria. The exhibition goes until the end of November. I will be teaching in Brisbane and the Gold Coast for eight days in November. After that I intend to slow down for a couple of months to experiment and hopefully get some on-line workshops  ready for next year. Famous last words.

Following are just a few of the paintings I'll be exhibiting.

Lots of layers of texture and paint on wooden panels. I've created quite a few of these.

These are hand painted acrylic paint on canvases that are framed.
I have six of these.

I'll have at least five of my large acrylic paintings on canvas on show.
This one's not quite finished.

This one is made from my painted papers then collaged onto canvas.
I have a few of these including my lollipop trees and sheep 

I also have some small collage canvases made from an eclectic arrangement of found objects and papers.

I'll try to catch up soon
Thanks for dropping by